Paul Roma On Backstage Incident With Vince McMahon

– In an interview with Sean Mooneys Prime Time podcast (via Wrestlezone), Paul Roma spoke about a backstage altercation he had with Vince McMahon back in 1994.

He said: “I went over to Vinces office and I sat down. Vince always let me in his office. I go down to the office and say, Hey Id like to see Vince. Id go in and see whoever was there, Freddie Blassie at the time, and I talked with everybody. So I sat down with Vince and I basically told him ya know, I almost lost my arm for you. I said, Power & Glory was the greatest team you ever had and you did nothing with them. Then he started getting mad, I did so much for you guys. I said, You didnt do sh*t for us. Then I said, We worked hurt every day for you. Our guys back then, everybody worked hurt. Now they get a hangnail and they take a week off. Thats how much they care about your business. We cared about your business and you didnt do sh*t for us. He swelled up and he was [roaring noise]. I said, You better sit the fu*k down before I knock you out. Dont be sitting up like your going to do something to me because youre not. I had not planned on coming back, so I said what I had to say. I dont kiss peoples asses hoping that Vince rings my phone like these other guys do. Theyre always trying to sweet talk, this, that and the other thing be men, be who you really are. Dont kiss someones ass. Its like my father said, Dont kiss anybodys ass, you can always make money. I never forgot that.

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