Paul Felder thinks it’s a ‘matter of time’ before UFC re-signs Stevie Ray

Steven Ray has been in limbo ever since he gambled with free agency ahead of his fight at UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow against Paul Felder.

The Irish Dragon claimed a first-round win over the Scot and since the loss Ray has not been offered another contract by the UFC.

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Braveheart claimed that he would consider retirement if the promotion did not offer him a new contract.

According to Felder, his former foe deserves another shot with the worlds flagship MMA promotion.

100 percent he deserves to be in the UFC, Felder told MMA Fighting.

That was one of those fights where it just worked out for me. It went my way that night. Going into that fight I had prepared for three hard rounds with Stevie. I really expected it to be a war, but he got caught. This happens all the time in the fight game he knows that. If you get hit with a knee youre going to get in some trouble.

He took a gamble and I think the UFC is just kind of letting him know that. I really find it hard to believe that they wouldnt be interested in a guy thats 5-2 under the banner. Hes got a million fights on his record, hes got some big wins and hes got a huge fan base over in Scotland.

I dont see how they dont bring him back. The UFC has got so many shows right now and the matchmakers are so busy, I just think its a matter of time before he gets another chance.

Felder revealed that he reached out to Ray when he discovered that he still hadnt been offered a new deal. He also thinks UFC should book Ray versus Diego Sanchez a fight the Scot has recently called for on Twitter.

Every time I see him post Im like, Man, they still havent give this guy a contract?

I was talking to him. I sent him a few messages one of the days. I was feeling for him and I genuinely think he deserves another opportunity. We went back and forth for a bit, he said.

Going into that fight with Stevie I had nothing but respect for him. That hasnt changed. I really hope I see him back in the division soon. I think there are a lot of fights he can win. I really like the idea of the Diego Sanchez fight. Both guys are coming off losses and I think it would be a really action packed fight.

Felder described his feelings on account of his victory leading to Rays current inactivity.

It sucks. I go in there to win. I dont go in there with the intention of slowing a guys career down and stopping him providing for his family. I know hes got a wife and a few kids and I really dont want to put anybody out, Felder said.

When I saw he hadnt been signed after a while, I was really bummed out. I dont feel bad for myself for what I had to do, but I do feel bad for the other fighter because if that was me Id be feeling exactly the same way he is. I completely understand his panic at the moment.

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