PAT PATTERSON: The wrestling world pays tribute to the late Pat Patterson

Posted on 12/03/120 by Colin Vassallo

The heavyweights in the professional wrestling industry paid
tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, who passed away
at age 79. Patterson, regarded as one of the greatest brains
in professional wrestling, worked pretty much with everyone
in this business and leaves a legacy behind him that will
never be forgotten.

I can not express how crushed I feel right now with the
loss of Pat Patterson, wrote Shane McMahon. A true member
of my family, mentor and dear friend. I love you Pat. God

His sister Stephanie added, Im deeply grateful to have
grown up with @wwe Hall of Famer, the first-ever
Intercontinental Champion, the father of the #RoyalRumble
and the first openly gay wrestler of his generation. Thank
you for teaching me how to not take it all so seriously.

Triple H spent a considerable amount of time backstage with
Pat and said that no words can describe what he gave to the
business. His body as an in-ring performer, his mind as a
storyteller, and his spirit as a beloved member of our large
@WWE family. I will miss him for so many reasons its never
goodbye, its see ya down the road. Love you, Pat, Triple H

The Rock worked with Patterson countless times in laying out
some of the biggest matches and was also the one who called
Vince to tell him to check him out when he was starting in
the business. Vince flew me to RAW a few weeks later and I
had my first match EVER in Corpus Christie, Texas. The rest
is history and years later, here I am writing this post,
The Rock said. Love you, Pat. And THANK YOU. Ill see you
down the road.

Hulk Hogan said that it was a tough morning hearing the
shocking news about Pat. Pat and Buddy Colt let me ride
with them when I had my first match, the ribbing started
that day and went on until now, love you my brother, Hogan

John Cena is also someone who worked close with Patterson
during his busy WWE run years ago and said Pat lived life as
it should be lived, with passion, love and purpose. He
helped so many and always entertained with a story or joke.
He will live on in my life always. Love you Patrick.

As a family friend for many decades, Roman Reigns said that
Patterson was always invested in his success, calling his
death a major loss for the WWE family. Brilliant mind for
the business and always ready to make a joke at your
expense! Rest In Peace, Pat. God bless.

HBK Shawn Michaels is also someone who grew up working with
Pat and wrote that few could speak the art of our industry
into existence. Pat spoke to me, taught me so much, and
helped me see what was really possible to achieve in my
career. God bless you, Pat. Rest In Peace, Michaels wrote.

Two-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair described Patterson as a
great wrestler, a fabulous mind, caring and thoughtful with
always a smile on his face. The last thing I can remember
him saying to me is She is so damn good Ricky, are you sure
she is your daughter? RIP Pat, Flair wrote. His daughter
Charlotte added that Pat was a staple and always came to NXT
and loved the womens matches.

Fellow female wrestlers such as Bayley and Natalya also
chimed in, with Bayley saying he always sat in or near
Gorilla and not only watched the shows, but made sure to
compliment them on their way back. But Ill always remember
Pat most for coming to Xmas karaoke in NXT to sing the same
song every year! Always the main event. He will be missed.

Natalya wrote that Pat knew WWE was his home away from home
and a place where he felt completely accepted and truly
loved. Someone like Pat made all the difference because he
wasnt afraid to be himself and he made no apologies for it.
Pat did it his way. Rest in power, Pat, Natalya wrote.

Mick Foley wrote that he loved Patterson and could listen to
his stories for hours, describing him as one of the all-time
great wrestlers, one of the best minds in the business, and
a dear friend.

Eric Bischoff spoke about how coming into WWE in 2002 was a
unique situation and Pat was the first to go out of his way
to genuinely make him feel at home. We shared many hours,
stories, and yes a cocktail or 2. RIP Pat. You did it your
way, Bischoff wrote.

Tributes also came from those in All Elite Wrestling who
used to work with Patterson during their WWE days.

Cody Rhodes said Pat was a good man and in all the
conversations he had with him there was an underlying
thread, and that was the brotherhood/sisterhood throughout
the locker room and how much they were a team. Loved life
and lived it hard. He was incredibly loved and will be
missed, Cody wrote, adding a photo of Patterson with his

Saddened to learn of Pat Pattersons passing this morning.
Pat was a true visionary when it came to the psychology
behind pro wrestling, Matt Hardy wrote. He also evolved
with an open mind as times & styles changed. I always looked
forward to Pats karaoke gatherings after Montreal.

Jim Ross said that Patterson was a true legend of the pro
wrestling business and a wonderful mentor who taught him so

Taz said he was sorry to hear the sad news of Pat Patterson
passing away. Pat was a really funny guynon stop smiling &
busting chops. No doubt one of the greatest finish men in
the history of the business, he added.

Miro, the man formerly known as Rusev, kept it short saying
that karaoke night with Pat Patterson in Belgium will
forever be a highlight of his, probably not saying much
because of the shenanigans that went down that night.

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