NXT TAKEOVER: NXT Takeover being advertised for April 8 during WrestleMania weekend

Posted on 3/04/121 by Colin Vassallo

An NXT Takeover set for Thursday, April 8 is being
advertised for WrestleMania weekend.

WWE passed on having a Takeover last year when the pandemic
edition of WrestleMania took place from the WWE Performance
Center but it looks like the tradition of having an NXT
Takeover added to the Mania weekend will return this year.

A Thursday Takeover would mean that the NXT go-home episode
would air the night before on USA Network and if the rumors
prove to be correct, they would be back on the air on
Tuesday night, April 13, for their new slot on USA.

With WrestleMania being once again held over two nights, it
means that Takeover cannot be held on Saturday night and it
cant air on Friday night either as there is Smackdown and
the potential Hall of Fame ceremony as well.

WWE has not announced where the TV shows as part of that
weekend will be happening. While WrestleMania will have
limited number of fans, it could be that Raw and Smackdown
will still be held at the ThunderDome in front of virtual
fans only.

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