NXT ON USA: October 19 results (F4Wonline)

Posted on 10/20/121 by Bob Magee

The show opens with the new NXT North American Champion,
Carmelo Hayes. He is joined by Trick Williams, who tonight
is playing the role of Hayes hype man. Williams introduces
Hayes to the audience.

Hayes talks about pulling a swerve on Swerve himself,
referring to Hayes cashing in his contract last week en
route to winning the title. Hayes says the North American
title should be referred to as the "A" championship by

Out comes Johnny Gargano to interrupt Hayes' monologue.
Gargano sarcastically congratulates Hayes. Gargano has been
busy with other things lately, but Austin Theory is on Raw,
Indi Hartwell is married, and Candice LeRae is at home
pregnant. Gargano says he lost his "Way," and he's trying to
figure out what is next. He thinks wrestling Hayes is what
is next for Gargano.

Gargano challenges Hayes to a match. Williams chimes in to
tell Gargano he needs to worry about his "daughter" (meaning
Indi Hartwell). Williams claims Hartwell has been "shooting
in 'Melo's DM's all week." Gargano played along, and Hayes
implies Gargano should be more upset since that is his
"daughter." Gargano says he is right, and here is his "son-

Dexter Lumis appeared behind the two heels after sneaking up
on them. Lumis grabs Williams in a choke, but Hayes drags
Williams out of the ring as the heels powder. This surely
sets up a tag team match, and it also sets up for a singles
title match down the road.

Odyssey Jones defeated Andre Chase

Jones pinned Chase clean in a short and basic match.

Dean Douglas may have been a better teacher gimmick than
Chase, and Dean Douglas was pretty lame. In this match,
Chase cuts off Jones early on, but Jones hulked up moments
later. Jones showed off his power and strength. Jones
bounces off the ropes and splashes Chase before hooking a
leg for a pinfall.

Malcolm Bivens is backstage leading Diamond Mine to the
ring. Bivens says he see how things are done in NXT. Diamond
Mine will no longer ask for an opportunity, they will
instead just take it.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner) defeated Creed
Brother (Julius and Brutus Creed with Diamond Mine)

Barthel rolled up Brutus to pin him after a interference by
Ikemen Jiro and Kushida.

Not sure Imperium fits in the revamped NXT, but they still
are really good at wrestling. They were doing well in this
match until NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong
jumped on the apron to interfere. That allowed the Creed
Brothers to gain the underhanded advantage on Barthel.

Hot tag to Aichner, and he cleans house. Aichner did a cool
spot where he used a rolling fireman's carry slam on Julius,
leading to a near fall that was broken up by Brutus. He
counters Barthel to deliver a gutwrench powerbomb. Aichner
jumps in to break up the count.

Ikemen Jiro and Kushida run down to ringside, and they begin
brawling Diamond Mine. Brutus is distracted by the brawl at
ringside, allowing Barthel to pin Brutus with an O'Connor

NXT Tag Team Champions MSK run in after the match to attack
Imperium. They clean house on Imperium, and challenge them
to a tag title match at Halloween Havoc.

O'Reilly and Wagner train in the woods

In a pre-taped skit, Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner train in
the forest. O'Reilly on his bicycle meets Wagner at the edge
of the woods. Wagner arrives in a pickup truck, and Wagner
was wearing camo. He tells O'Reilly where they are going
they won't need a bike.

Off to the woods they go, where they train with a fallen
log. They carry it around, and they also do other exercises
with the log. They swing an ax into a tree. By a campfire at
night, Wagner does some twelve ounce curls with a longneck
beer bottle. He gives O'Reilly a beer, and they cheers to
kicking ass together.

A vignette highlights Cora Jade before her match that is up
next. Before that comes a Joe Gacy skit, which at first
seems like him cutting a promo. It was more than that as
Harlan is apparently under Gacy's spell. Looks like he is
putting together a cult.

Cora Jade defeated Elektra Lopez (with Legado del Fantasma)

Jade sold most of the way until she pinned Lopez with a
small package. On commentary the announcers during the match
plugged the Queen's Crown final this Thursday. Turns out
that was ironic since this match was shorter than most of
the Queen's Crown tournament matches, which were all mostly
very short.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa was together with Bron Breakker
for a backstage interview. They teased not getting along in
their tag match later on. What a novel concept on a WWE
television show.

Grayson Waller and LA Knight wrestle later on to decide who
is the host of Halloween Havoc.

Io Shirai defeated Persia Pirotta and Jacy Jayne in a triple
threat match to decide who spins the wheel

Shirai pinned Pirotta after the match turned into a singles
bout. Jayne left the match due to medical concerns. Shirai
in winning got to Spin the Wheel and Make the Deal.

The match went through a commercial break. Before the break
came a scary spot. Jayne went for a tope, but her feet hit
the ropes and she wiped out on the floor. She basically
spiked herself into the floor. She was okay enough to help
catch Shirai on an Asai moonsault a moment later, but Jayne
never returned to the match after the commercial break.
Jayne was apparently pulled from the match by medical staff.

A triple threat turned into a singles match where Pirotta
got heat on Shirai. Pirotta worked over Shirai, and Pirotta
got some near falls. Shirai fought from underneath, and
Shirai eventually made a comeback. Shirai with her signature
offense, albeit with a nearly botched springboard.

Shirai was applying a crossface when Pirotta powered out.
Shirai counters with a suplex, and Shirai follows with a
moonsault press. Shirai then covered Pirotta for a pinfall.

Shirai spins the wheel and it lands on "Scareway to Hell"
ladder match, which is a play on the "Stairway to Hell "
stipulation in the original ECW. So the NXT Women's Tag Team
Championship is a triple threat tag team ladder match.

Solo Sikoa has a street fighter gimmick and he debuts next
week at Halloween Havoc.Ku

Ikemen Jiro and Kushida do a comedy skit in a restroom. Jiro
pulls out the Marty McFly vest, and he tells Kushida it is
time to go back to the future.

Tony D'Angelo defeated Ru Feng

D'Angelo pinned Feng in a short squash match. D'Angelo broke
out a Northern Lights suplex followed by a twisting
fisherman's buster, and then he scored a pinfall.

Samantha Irvin interviewed D'Angelo in the ring after the
match. She asks him about the disappearance of Lash Legend's
producer, Mark. D'Angelo swears on his grandfather grave
that he does not know nothing about nothing. He slipped
Irvin some cash, and told her to go buy something nice and

Duke Hudson in a vignette was playing poker because that is
what poker players do I guess. This just makes me nostalgic.
Might watch some Gambler squash matches after this show.

Legado del Fantasma jumps Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen in a
backstage sneak attack.

Legado del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde)
defeated Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

Mendoza pinned Jensen after a double team finisher. The
match was joined in progress with Legado del Fantasma
solidly in control. Santos Escobar interfered during the

Jensen runs wild after a hot tag. Escobar interfered again,
only to get clocked with a right hand from Jensen. Finish
came after a tilt-a-whirl by Wilde, and Mendoza flew in with
a leg lariat for a combo. Mendoza then covered Jensen for a

A great video package hyped the title match for next Tuesday
with Raquel Gonzalez defending her NXT Women's Championship
against Mandy Rose.

Carmelo Hayes was missing his North American title belt. He
and Trick Williams were looking for it when they found a
note inviting them to a haunted house hosted by Dexter

The spooky and mysterious figure from the graveyard was
burying a bunch of gimmicks in a cemetery.

LA Knight defeated Grayson Waller to become the host of
Halloween Havoc

Knight pinned Waller after using the BFT (Blunt Force
Trauma) finisher . Waller was making a comeback when Knight
cut him off at the finish. It was an Knight match if you
like that sort of thing.

Knight in winning becomes the official host of Halloween
Havoc. I doubt there is hardly any way Knight is a better
host than Shotzi Blackheart was last year, but we shall see.

Bron Breakker & NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated
Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson)

Breakker pinned Drake to win the match. Despite winning,
Ciampa and Breakker had trouble getting along together. They
meet in the main event of Halloween Havoc in a title match
for the NXT Championship.

Breakker started the match with Drake, and Breakker
showcased his power moves. Drake got Steinerized. Ciampa was
a house of fire when he tagged into the match. Ciampa and
Breakker were teasing dissension before the show cut to a
commercial break.

Grizzled Young Veterans with heat on Ciampa during the
break, but Ciampa created separation. However, Gibson baited
Breakker so that he would chase Gibson. That left no one in
the corner to tag Ciampa when Ciampa was finally able to
create the separation.

The heels double team Ciampa as they cut the ring in half.
Ciampa fought back. Gibson ran around the ring to get
clotheslined by Breakker, but that meant that Breakker again
left his corner. Ciampa was left with no one to tag.

When Breakker got back onto the apron, Ciampa slapped him.
Ciampa yelled at Breakker, asking where he was for the tag.
Since Ciampa had slapped Breakker, that counted as a legal
tag. So Breakker gets into the ring running roughshod.

Breakker pulls down the straps on his singlet, and he
applies a Steiner Recliner on Drake. Gibson booted Breakker
in the face to break the hold, and Breakker throws Gibson
out of the ring. Breakker lifted Drake into a gorilla press,
and Breakker dropped him into a powerslam. Breakker then
covered Drake for a three count.

Ciampa and Breakker have a staredown as the show closes.

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