NXT ON USA: NBCSN shut down could affect NXTs Wednesday night time slot on USA

Posted on 1/23/121 by Colin Vassallo

NBC Sports Network, the channel which carries many live
sports, announced that it is shutting down the service at
the end of 2021 and moving its live sports to USA Network
and its streaming service Peacock.

Why this could be of an interest to WWE is that NBCSN airs
the NHL on Wednesday nights right now and if the NHL decides
to renew its deal with NBCUniversal, its pretty much nearly
a lock that NHL would move to USA Network on Wednesday
nights. Despite being in around 6 million less homes, NHL on
NBCSN draws far more viewers than NXT does on USA Network,
which is available in 86 million homes.

Taking everything in consideration the younger audience,
the lucrative contract, a larger audience, and more
advertising money NXT would have to be bumped to a
different day. WWEs deal with NBCU regarding NXT expires
this year and negotiations are ongoing for a renewal. With
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday being occupied with Raw, NHL,
and Smackdown, Tuesday would be the other day where NXT
could air as Thursday theres NFL as well and WWE would want
to avoid running against the NFL as well on Thursday nights.

Raws place on Monday nights has been safe since its
inception and it is highly unlikely that any other broadcast
will move Raw to a different night.

NBCSN has not said which sport is going to which station
yet. The channel owns the rights for NHL, NASCAR, the
English Premiere League, and the Olympics among others.

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