NXT ON USA: Johnny Gargano to speak at NXT tonight, says it was a hell of a run

Posted on 12/07/121 by Colin Vassallo

Johnny Gargano will be at NXT tomorrow night in what could
be his last time in the WWE ring as his contract expires on
December 10.

After WarGames went off the air last night, Gargano spoke to
the fans who were chanting please dont go and we love

Sitting on the turnbuckle, Gargano said, Youre saying
thank you to me, but I should be the one saying thank you to
you because without all of you there wouldnt be a Johnny
Wrestling and thats true.

He noted that he was tired right now, beat up, sore, and has
a lot going through his mind but vowed to tell all tomorrow.

I am on open book to you guys and 100% honest and 100%
authentic because you guys are like my familybut I will
tell you guys everything this Tuesday night.

Gargano also hinted at leaving on Twitter, writing, Hell of
a run.. thank you all, adding a Johnny Takeover graphic
made from the several different gear he used throughout the
past several years.

Gargano was offered a new deal but according to multiple
insiders that deal was not signed. The only thing he signed
was a one-week contract extension which enabled him to
wrestle at WarGames as his original deal was up on December

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