NXT ON USA: August 5 results

Posted on 8/06/120 by Bob Magee

WWE NXT Results
August 5, 2020
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

Then Now Forever

Were given a recap of last weeks episode of NXT as we head
to Takeover XXX.

Mauro welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center as Rhea
Ripley makes her way to the ring. She has her sights set on
Io Shirais NXT Womens Championship, but that cannot be
realized until she becomes the number one contender.

Shell have to do that against one who believes shes next
in line as well Dakota Kai, who enters the ring as well.

Number One Contenders Match:
Dakota Kai v. Rhea Ripley

The two ties up and Ripley easily shrugs Kai to the corner.
Kai gets up and goes for a side headlock. Ripley tries to
lift her out of it but Kai brings Ripley to a knee and slaps
her square in the face. Cocky at first, Kai sees Ripley get
back to her feet. Clothesline after short-arm clothesline,
and a dropkick sends Kai into the corner. Tough shoulder
blocks into the corner from Ripley leave Kai staggering to
the other corner. Kai travels corner to corner looking for
respite but Ripley meets her forearms at each one. Ripley
then hoists Kai up for a stalling vertical suplex. The
cover kick out at 2.

Kai sent into the ropes, rebounds and sidesteps to the other
side. Ripley goes to the ropes as well, Kai with a leapfrog
and sets up for a belly flip. Ripley off the ropes, takes
her in a wheelbarrow and slams her face-first onto the mat.
Cover kick out at 2 again.Ripley slams Kai down to the mat, just thoroughly dominating
her. A handful of Kais hair brings her up an drapes her
over the ropes for a kick to the stomach. Kai trying to
fight back but Ripley is way too much, pulling her hair and
slamming down to the mat over and over. Ripley then applies
body scissors to Kai for a couple of minutes before flipping
her over on her shoulders for a pin another kick out at 2.

Kai staggers back up but Ripley flattens her with a
clothesline! Another cover another kick out at 2.

Ripley tries for another vertical suplex but Kai slips free.
She suckers Ripley to the ropes and slips underneath them to
the floor to pull Ripleys legs out from under her but
Ripley aint budging! Ripley kicks Kai in the jaw and makes
her way to the floor. Kai is up on the apron for a kick of
her own, but Ripley sidesteps and sets her up in an electric
chair and drops her face first onto the apron! Ripley rolls
her back in the ring cover kick out at 2!*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Kai now has the upper-hand in the
ring, until Ripley tries for an Okada Roll Kai kicks out at
2 and meets her up with a pump kick to the face! Kai for the
cover Kick out at 2.

Kai is wearing down Ripley in a side headlock and then rolls
her to a pin kick out at 2.

Ripley to her feet and Kai tries for the pump kick again but
Ripley kicks her in the stomach. Ripley to her feet and has
the momentum nowclothesline after clothesline snapmare
takeddown followed with a dropkick to the back of the head!
Ripley has Kai up in that Electric Chair again face first
to the mat! Cover 1 2 kick out!

Ripley trying to bring Kai up but Kai helps herself and
kicks Ripley in the head again to stagger her but Ripley
retaliates with body blows to the stomach. She tries to go
for the ropes but Kai has a handful of tights so Ripley
slings a back elbow to Kais face for the stun. Kai bounces
off the ropes and delivers a Scorpion Kick to Ripley sending
her down. Kai screams shes the Number One Contender off
the ropes flap jack by Ripley! The cover 1 2 kick out!Ripleys got Kai up for the Riptide but Kai counters mid-air
into a DDT! Cover Kick out at 2! Ripley counters a Kai-
ropractor and cinches Kai up for the Cloverleaf and its
on! Kai reverses it with her rolling momentum, sending
Ripley face first into the second turnbuckle. Kai runs
around the horn for a boot to the face! Ripley bringing
Ripley up to the top rop from the outside for a potential
SuperPlex Ripley fighting back and forearms her down but
Mercedes Martinez leaps the apron and forearms her off the
top off! Dakota Kai has Ripley up for the GTK! 1 2 3!WINNER via pinfall and #1 Contender for the NXT Womens
Championship: Dakota Kai.

Martinez gets back in the ring and delivers an Air Raid
Crash to Ripley rubbing salt in the wound.Footage is shown of Undisputed Era making their way to the
Performance Center.

*Commercial Break*

Footage is shown of Pat McAfee backstage at the PC before
NXTs taping talking it up with Shawn Michaels.

Back at ringside, Bronson Reed makes his way to the ring to
show why he is a legitimate threat to win the Ladder Match
for the NXT North American Title. But until that, he must
face a fellow Aussie, Shane Thorne.

Bronson Reed v. Shane Thorne

The two ties up and Reed easily muscles Thorne to the corner
only to back off. Thorne marches up to Reed and forearms him
in the face Reed aint budging! Another and another off
the ropes for another Reed shrugs them off and slaps Thorne
in the chest.

Reed off the ropes, Thorne makes him eat a dropkick that
sends him through the ropes to the floor. Thornes off the
ropes Suicide Dive! Thorne tries to muscle Reed up but Reed
shrugs him off. Thorne misses with a forearm and Reed sends
him crashing onto the apron with a Full-Nelson Slam.

Reed rolls Thorne back in the ring and ascends to the top
turnbuckle. Thorne meets him up there and is trying for a
Butterfly Suplex? Reed shrugs him off but Throne charges in
with a dropkick draping Reed over the turnbuckle. Thorne
coming in again leaping Senton onto Reeds back. Thorne
charges in again for a Shining Wizard on a prone Reed!
Cover kick out at 2.

Thorne has Reed up but just cant get his arms around him.
Reed headbutts him and gorilla press slams him down Big
Senton follow-up! Cover kick out at 2.

Reed has Thorne in a Firemans Carry but Throne slips out.
Kicks clotheslines. the big man wont go down! Thorne off
the ropes for another clothesline but Reed unloads with one
of this own! Reed has Thorne in the Firemans Cary Death
Valley Driver! Reed ascends to the top TSUNAMI SPLASH! 1
2 3.WINNER via pinfall: Bronson ReedEarlier today, Breezango is making their way to the
Performance Center before they are ambushed by El Legado
del Fantasma! Fandango is mugged and thrown into their SUV!*Commercial Break*

Merceds Martinez, Aliyah and Robert Stone are walking
through the PC Parking Lot and asked about their actions in
the Number One Contenders Match.
Rhea may be done with the Robert Stone Brand, says Stone.
But the Robert Stone Brand isnt done with Rhea Ripley.Were taken back to last weeks Triple Threat Match to
determine the second participant in the NXT North American
Title Ladder Match later this month at Takeover XXX, where
Dexter Lumis was victorious.

Damien Priest makes his way to the ring
Oney Lorcan does likewise
Ridge Holland makes his entrance & NXT debut
Triple Threat match for the third participant is on!

Triple Threat Match:
Ridge Holland v. Oney Lorcan v. Damien Priest

All three trade blows but Priest is standing in the corner
looking to knock Hollands teeth out. All three end up in
the corner again but Priest agin comes out on top delivering
a Flatliner to Holland. Lorcan charges in to Priest but is
met with repeated kicks to the stomach. Priest misses wildly
with a forearm and Lorcan tries to cinch Priest up in a
submission. Priest fights out of it to go behind the back,
Lorcan ducks a charging Holland who forearms Priest out of
the ring to the floor. Holland kicks Priest to make sure
hes out but Lorcan sends Holland out as well. Lorcan off
the ropes leaping senton over the top rope!Lorcan sends Holland into the ring who staggers to the
corner. Lorcan charges in with a back splash. He goes for
another but Holland sidesteps away only to be met with a
forearm out of the corner from Lorcan. Lorcan sitting on the
turnbuckle leaps to Holland, who catches him and sends him
flying with a head-shoulders suplex. Priest back in the ring
and sends a barrage of strikes Hollands way. It comes to
halt though, as Holland catches both of Priests arms
underneath him, headbutt to the chest double-arm suplex
sends Priest rolling for a breather to the outside.

*Commercial Break*

Were back from break and Priest and Holland are trading
lariats left and right until Lorcan leaps off the top rope
crashing into both! Lorcan going corner to corner with back
splashes! Priest and Holland stagger out Double Blockbuster
by Lorcan! Lorcan covers Holland kick out at 2.

Priest tries a spinning heel kick but Lorcan catches him
into a Single Leg Crab. Priest turns over and kicks Lorcan
away, which sends Lorcan to the corner delivering a European
Uppercut to an already dazed Holland. Lorcan charges out of
it with a uppercut to Priest! Cover kick out at 2.

Priest rolls away to the outside and Lorcan sees him. Lorcan
off the ropes Holland pounces him into oblivion! T-Bone
Suplex on Lorcan! The cover kick out at 2!Holland trying to bring Lorcan to his feet but Priest is
back in and has Holland cinched for The Reckoning. Holland
slips out headbutt and hoists Priest up and drops him down
for a Gutwrench Powerbomb! Cover Lorcan breaks it up!

Holland and Lorcan back to their feet to trade chops and
forearms. Lorcan chops and chops Hollands chest is
swollen red! Lorcan charging in with uppercut after uppercut
that drops Holland to a knee. Lorcan tries for a third but
Priest catches him in a chokehold Lorcan swats it away,
grabs a handful of Priests hair and starts swatting at
Priests back! Lorcan off the ropes Holland forcefeeds him
a massive clothesline!

Priest gathers himself Chokeslam on Holland!
Priest has Lorcan cinched The Reckoning!
1 2 3!

WINNER via pinfall & advancing to NXT Takeover XXX: Damien

Later Tonight: Keith Lee v. Cameron Grimes

*Commercial Break*

Later Tonight: Imperium defends their NXT Tag Team Titles
against Bobby Fish and Kyle OReilly of Undisputed Era.

The unfortunate pride of Burlington, North Carolina, Cameron
Grimes, makes his way to the ring. We can only hope the
scars dont go too deep, because he faces the NXT Champion
Keith Lee.

Non-Title Match
NXT Champion Keith Lee v. Cameron Grimes

Lee slowly lumbers towards Grimes, who backs into the corner
and out of the ring. Grimes in the ring, trying to lock up
but Lee just lumbers him again to the corner and scrambling
to the outside. Back in the ring, Grimes comes in with a
kick but Lee catches it so Grimes resorts to forearm shots
to Lee which only angers Lee.

Lee sends Grimes off the ropes, a simple shoulder block
sends Grimes crashing down. Lee with Grimes foot, dragging
him to the center of the ring but Grimes kicks Lee in the
face with the other. Grimes off the ropes another big
shoulder block.

Grimes to his feet but Lee sends him to the corner hard. Lee
lumbers to Grimes and sends him to the opposite corner and
flying to the outside to the floor. Lee leaves the ring on
the other side and comes charging in but Grimes dropkicks
Lees legs out of under him. Lee staggers up, Grimes sends
him into the steel steps, his knees crashing into them.
Grimes gets to the apron Asai Moonsault from the middle
turnbuckle!*Commercial Break*

Were back from the break and Grimes is walking into a
flurry from Keith Lee! Off the ropes diving crossbody from
the big man! Cover kick out at 2!

Lee has Grimes up for the Spirit Bomb but Grimes slips off.
Tries to kick Lee but Lee catches him Lee has him up Big
Bang Catastrophe but Grimes rolls Lee up! 1 2 Kick out!

Lee misses wildly with a clothesline, Grimes has a backslide
on him with the ropes to help him! Kick out at 2!

Grimes forearms Lee but Lee shrugs it sends Grimes to the
ropes! Lee comes in for the Pounce but Grimes nails the
Enziguri! Grimes runs, leaps to the second rope, dives for a
cross body and Lee catches him like a sack of potatoes.
Tries to for the Catastrophe again but Grimes slips away
the two go off the ropes cross body collision but Grimes
ends up on top of Lee! 1 2 Kick out!

Grimes in the corner waiting for the Cave In He charges in
but Lee ducks and has him up for the Spirit Bomb. Grimes
slips down and starts clubbing Lee in the chest Lee stands
there and Grizzly Magnum! Lee brings Grimes up short arm
clothesline after short arm clothesline Spirit Bomb! 1 2
3!WINNER via pinfall: NXT Champion Keith Lee

The lights go out in the arena
Lee, Karrion Kross eyes appear on the screen. So I guess
were doing this the hard way! I havent seen Regal around
here once since he signed me. And since youre the guy that
can make things happen, and you havent! And all of this is
on you! The camera pans back to show him choking out a
random NXT performer. Tick Tock!Fish and OReilly are backstage preparing for their NXT Tag
Title Match against Imperium.

*Commercial Break*

Commissioner William Regal informs us that Dexter Lumis
suffered an ankle injury in his Triple Threat match and will
be unable to compete in the NXT North American Title Ladder
Match. In two weeks, there will be two singles matches to
determine the final two entrants.
Johnny Gargano v. Finn Balor will be one of those matches.

El Legado del Fantasma is making their way to the ring
through a side entrance as they drag a beaten and bruised
Fandango with them. Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion
Santos Escobar speaks of the importance of Lucha Libres
culture and how unfortunately groups like Breezango exist.
Every week, they play dress-up and at Takeover they mocked
Luche Libre and spat in the face of Escobar.

Tyler Breeze charges to the ring but Wilde and Mendoza
dispatch of him in quick order.
Anyone who can hear my voice, Escobar says. Swerve Scott!
Speak my name again and this will be your future!A video package airs covering Undisputed Eras dominance
over NXT for the past calendar year.

*Commercial Break*

Damien Priest is in the parking lot recalling his victory in
his triple threat match earlier. Bronson Ree, in the
distance, congratulates him on his victory and looks forward
to seeing him at Takeover. Priest walks up to Reed, telling
him to get rid of any delusions of grandeur he may have from
his fluke victory. The two will face each other next week.Pat McAfee joins Tom Phillips at the commentary desk for the
following match

Tegan Nox v. Indi Hartwell

Hartwell starts to talk trash to Nox, who flattens her with
a headbutt. European uppercuts send Hartwell to the corner
until Hartwell hoists Nox up and down across the ring ropes.
Hartwell with a Sidewalk Slam cover kick out at 2.

Rear chinlock on Nox but Nox gets back to her feet. Off the
ropes, Nox eats a back elbow from Hartwell. Cover kick out
at 2 and Hartwell goes back to the chinlock. Nox slips out
of it for a School Boy roll up but Hartwell kicks out at 1
Boot to Noxs face! Quick cover! Kick out at 2 again.Hartwell charges into Nox in the corner but is met with
boots sending her down. Nox flies in with punches to the
face she starts stomping Hartwell in the corner cannonball
senton into Hartwell! Hartwell crawls away Shiniest Wizard!
1 2 3!

WINNER via pinfall: Tegan Nox

Aichner and Barthel finalize their warm-ups as they are set
to defend their Tag Team Titles next!

*Commercial Break*

Next week on NXT
Triple Threat Match to determine Entrant #3 for NXT
Kushida v. Cameron Grimes v. A MYSTERY OPPONENT
Karrion Kross v. Danny Burch
Damien Priest v. Bronson Reed

With Pat McAfee still on commentary Its time for the Main
And its for the NXT Tag Team Championships.
Fabian Aichner & Marcel of Imperium are in the ring
Bobby Fish and Kyle OReilly make their way, along with the
rest of Undisputed Era Roderick Strong and Adam Cole.

NXT Tag Team Title Match:
Imperium (c) v. Undisputed Era

Aichner and OReilly start things off with a tie up and
start trading strike for strike, boot for boot. O Reilly
eventually gets the upper hand and punches Aichner into UEs
corner. Fish tagged in and continues the beat down. Aichner
crawls to the opposite corner but Fish meets him with knee
strikes. Fish with a side headlock but Aichner sends him to
the ropes. Fishs crossbody is caught by Aichner and replies
with a backbreaker. Cover kick out at 2.

Aichner with an armbar on Fish, keeping him from his corner.
Fish fights out but pushes Aichner into a blind tag from
Barthel. Aichner sends Fish to the ropes, Barthel with a
deep arm drag into the same armbar from Aichner.Fish fights out of the armbar and tags in OReilly. The
double team begins, dueling kicks to Barthel. OReilly
wearing Barthel down with more kicks, tags back in Fish
Senton Atomico over the top rope onto Barthel. Barthel is
reeling and retreating to his corner. Fish tries to stop him
but Barthel shoves him away Aichner is tagged in.

Aicher with a stiff forearm behind him, Barthel sends Fish
to the ropes, Spinebuster from Aichner! PK follow from

*Commercial Break*Adam Cole glares at Pat McAfee behind the commentary desk as
Fish tries to battle out of Aichners side headlock. Aichner
sends Fish into his teams corner, letting Fish flying
forearm Barthel off the apron and onto the floor! Aichner
turns to see this and charges in Fish back body drops him
over the ropes onto the floor as well! Fish is crawling
slowly to OReilly for the tag but Aichner gets back in the
ring cutting off his path with a front headlock that Fish
turns into another back body drop! Aichner tags in Barthel
OReilly with the hot tag!

OReilly ducks a Barthel clothesline to boot Aichner off the
apron. A charging Barthel is met with a knee to the gut.
OReilly with quick strikes to the sides of Aichner and
finishes with a sweep of the leg. Aichner is woozy in the
corner, OReilly charges in with a forearm. OReilly has
Barthels left arm wrung up and hyperextends it over his
shoulder Aicher charges in but is knee struck in the
stomach. Barthel catches an OReilly kick to the side but
Kyle doesnt miss with a slap to the face! OReilly sends
Aichner again to the outside and kicks Barthel into the
corner. OReilly drapes Barthels leg over the middle rope
and Dragon Screws the inside leg!

OReilly runs in with a punt to the back of Barthels leg
sending him down! OReilly climbs to the top turnbuckle
diving knee strike to the bad leg and cinches in a Knee
Lock! Barthel is writhing in pain and rags himself to the
bottom rope but Fish falls from the top rope with a Diving
Headbutt onto Barthel! OReilly drags Barthel back to the
center of the ring for the Knee Lock but Aichner leaps to
the top rope and springboards with a moonsault onto

With every down in the ring, Adam Cole thinks this is the
opportune time to make his way to commentary table and
confront McAfee. The tweets shown earlier today of the
hatchet being buried may have been for naught, as Cole can
hear everything McAfee is saying less than 20 feet away.
McAfee says hes just joking around and having a good time,
Cole is telling him to knock it off. As Cole walks away,
McAfee jokes under his breath. Cole hears it, marches back
to the table and douses water on McAfee taunting him into a
fight. Officials, Roderick Strong, Shawn Michaels and Triple
H try to break up the confrontation while action is still
happening in the ringOReilly is looking out to the tussle, distracted and is
knocked off the apron! Fish tries to retaliate to Aichner
clubs him in the back. Barthel to the middle rope, Aichner
has Fish up European Bomb! 1 2 3!

WINNER and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: Imperium via

Chaos continues behind the barricades as Pat McAfee tries to
walk away only to charge back into the fray.

Nothing is ever going to change that for the rest of your
life, youre going to be a teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy little

Cole is livid, crawling over the commentary table to get to
McAfee who kicks him square in the chest! Triple H goes
square after McAfee, pushing him away forcefully. Michaels
tends to a knocked-out Cole while McAfee gloats his way out
of the Performance Center.

NXT Womens Title #1 Contender Match: Dakota Kai d. Rhea
Bronson Reed d. Shane Thorne
Triple Threat Qualifier for NXT North American Title Ladder
Damien Priest d. Oney Lorcan & Ridge Holland
Non Title Match: NXT Champion Keith Lee d. Cameron Grimes
Tegan Nox d. Indi Hartwell
NXT Tag Team Title Match: Imperium (c) d. Undisputed Era

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