NXT ON USA: August 31 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 9/01/121 by Bob Magee

The entrance of Mandy Rose opens the show, before her first
match on NXT television since returning to the brand.

Sarray defeated Mandy Rose (with Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne)
via countout

Rose was counted out after selling her face upon taking a
running dropkick from Sarray.

Rose with heel tactics at the start, and she takes Sarray
off her feet. Rose does push-ups with her hands on Sarray's
back, taunting Sarray as Rose kept her pushed down on the
mat. Sarray soon fired up with a bevy of offense. Rose
counters a fisherman's buster, but Sarray regains her grip.
Guillotine choke by Sarray, and then she dropped Rose on her
head with a Perfect-plex.

Nearfall for Sarray, but she went on to miss splash off the
top rope. No water in the pool. Rose capitalizes by working
over Sarray. Fallaway slam and a kip up by Rose. She
stretches Sarray, but Sarray is able to counter. Muta lock
applied by Sarray, and Rose was dropped by the submission
hold. Rose with a thumb in the eye to break the hold.Sarray rocks Rose with strikes, yet Rose slaps her in the
face. So, Sarray dropkicks Rose in the face. Rose falls into
the ropes, and Sarray follows up by charging into a dropkick
that knocks Rose out of the ring. Rose sells her face.

Rose keeps selling her face as Dolan and Jayne crowd around
her. They get a towel to hold over Rose's face. Jayne and
Dolan help Rose as she leaves ringside. Rose is counted out
as she is escorted out of the CWC with a towel over her

Tommaso Ciampa in a pre-tape promo has words for Ridge
Holland. He was angry that Holland and his crew attacked
Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. Ciampa says he is fighting for
NXT and his family. Ciampa dedicated his match tonight to
"Touthless Timmy." He ended his promo by referring to
himself in third person, saying a "motivated Ciampa is a
scary Ciampa." Ciampa violently got out his chair, throwing
it around, and he storms off.

A tease for the rebranding of NXT includes a clip from a
Wale song. The rebrand is coming soon.

Right into another match as the show comes back from
commercial. Next match was set up last week in a skit that
involved a backstage pull-apart brawl.

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Duke Hudson

O'Reilly submitted Hudson with a heel hook, after O'Reilly
dropped a bombs away knee drop on the back of Hudson's leg.

O'Reilly had his side taped up going into the match, and
Hudson would go on to work over O'Reilly's ribs. O'Reilly
uses slick grappling at the outset of the match, but Hudson
soon targets the ribs. Fighting back with a flurry, O'Reilly
gets a two count with a roll-up. However, Hudson is back to
working the ribs as the show cuts to a picture-in-picture
coommercial break.

Hudson is punishing O'Reilly as the show returns from the
break. O'Reilly comeback begins with a volley of kicks.
Hudson was reeling, but he cuts off O'Reilly nonetheless.
Not for long as O'Reilly uses a titl-a-whirl to transition
into a guillotine choke. Hudson escaped the hold, and he
goes on to suplex O'Reilly for a near fall.

O'Reilly was hanging onto the ropes. He was teetering on the
apron when he caught Hudson with a pair of dragon screw
legdrops. O'Reilly climbs the ropes and leapt off the top
with a flying knee drop to Hudson's leg. O'Reilly then locks
in a heel hook, and Hudson taps out.

Cross-brand synergy as a commercial airs for the NXT UK
Hertiage Cup.

Love is in the air, and you are invited to a wedding
September 14th on NXT. In-Dex ties the knot.

NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov speaks

Dragunov is sporting stitches over his eye, and he walks
with a limp since his instant classic against WALTER.
Dragunov recently won tthe NXT United Kingdom Champioship at
TakeOver 36 in a war with WALTER. Dragunov begins a speech
by telling the crowd he is still alive after his recent

Not only is he alive, Dragunov is more alive than ever
before! He feels like a man that survived the most intense
battle of his life. Dragunov likes it here in NXT, and we
will see him again soon. Dragunov went to ask who is willing
to take the NXT UK title away from him.

"The ring general as fallen," Dragunov exclaims. "Long live
the czar!"

Arash Markazi sat down with Kay Lee Ray for an interview.
Kay buries the rest of the roster, and she claims William
Regal brought her dominate NXT in the USA like she did in
the UK.

McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing the Breakout tournament
winner, Carmelo Hayes, when they were interrupted by El
Legado del Fantasma. This seems to set up a match between
Santos Escobar against Hayes.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) defeated Drake
Maverick & Grayson Waller

Barthel pinned Waller to win the match. The young guy being
taught a lesson is the moral of the story.

Waller in a pre-tape promo was overconfident, and he was
amped up about his NXT debut. Maverick could only shake his
head at Waller. Of course, Waller is soon taught a lesson
during the match.

Maverick was on a role when Waller makes a blind tag. Waller
is then blindsided, and Maverick is taken out after being
rammed into a lighting grid. Double team on Waller with a
Doomsday Device uppercut, and Barthel covered him for a

Ridge Holland in a pre-tape promo threatened to sent Ciampa
to the hospital. I think he means "medical facility."

Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne apparently attacked Sarray

LA Knight defeated Johnny Gargano (with Indi Hartwell &
Dexter Lumis)

Knight pinned Gargano after Gargano was distracted by gaga
with Lumis.

Knight on offense is a channel-changer, and he kept dashing
hope spots. Dern it. Please make it stop. Eventually,
Gargano is able to fire up into a flurry of moves. Gargano
works the crowd while he also works an arm.

Tope by Gargano, and he pummeled Knight around the ring. All
good things must unfortunately come to an end as Knight
dropped Gargano on the ropes with a hot shot. Knight in
control again as the show cuts to a commercial. Knight is
working over Gargano as the show returns from the break. Big

Comeback by Gargano. Knight almost cut him off, yet Gargano
was able to avoid a splash. Knight is left to crash and
burn. Slingshot spear by Gargano for a two and a half. They
go on to trade near falls.

Knight measures Gargano for his finisher, but Gargano
counters him. Knight has a counter of his own. He countered
the One Final Beat, and Gargano went sailing off the apron.
Gargano falls into the arms of Dexter Lumis, and this upests
Gargano. Some gaga with Lumis, and Gargano is distracted.
Knight struck with his signature headlock DDT, and he steals
one from a distracted Gargano.

The NXT Tag Team Team Champions, MSK, went to meet with
William Regal. The champs wanted to give Oney Lorcan & Danny
Burch a title shot. Regal agreed, and he books the tag title
match for next week on NXT.

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez defeated Jessi Kamea
(with Franky Monet & Robert Stone) in a non-title match

Gonzalez pinned Kamea in a glorified squash match. Monet and
Gonzalez glared holes through each other. Gonzalez won the
match after using her chokeslam finisher. Her next
challenger appears to be Monet.

Ember Moon is back on NXT, which is a nice surprise. It is
her birthday, and she Moon cuts a promo on Kay Lee Ray. Moon
challenges Ray to a match next week on NXT.

Interview with NXT Champion Samoa Joe

Wade Barrett sat down with the newly-crowned NXT Champion,
Somoa Joe. In his third reign as champ, Joe means to set a
precedent as a standard bearer for NXT. Joe came off like a
contemporary version of the traveling world champ. He was a
modern day Jack Brisco in this promo. Great stuff.

Roderick Strong (with Diamond Mine) defeated Ikemen Jiro

Strong pinned Jiro as Strong's quest continues towards
challenging for a title.

Jiro answered Strong's open challenge to defend the honor of
Kushida. Built continues to Kushida defending the NXT
Cruiserweight Championship against Strong some time down the

Jiro, wearing a flashy sports coat, was a house of fire at
the outset. His fire was put out when he crashed into the
ring steps. Strong went on to punish Jiro. Comeback by Jiro,
and he gets a near fall after an Arabian moonsault.

Backbreaker by Strong turned the tide. Another falling
backbreaker, and Strong covered Jiro for a pinfall.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter face off with the NXT Women's
Tag Team Champions in a backstage interview with McKenzie
Mitchell. Io Shirai and Zoey Stark defend their titles next
week on NXT. Shirai & Stark still do not get along, while
Carter & Catanzaro are best friends.

Cameron Grimes was back to his old "TO THE MOON" self. He
was confronted by the Grizzled Young Veterans. They had a
replica of the Million Dollar Championship, and they were
teasing Grimes with the replica. Grimes dropped the replica
on Zack Gibson's foot. Grimes tosses him some cash to help
with the pain, and cackles Grimes as he walks away.

Matches announced for next Tuesday on NXT:

MSK defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against Oney Lorcan
& Danny Burch.
Ember Moon vs. Kay Lee Ray
Zoey Stark & Io Shirai defend the NXT Women's Tag Team
Championship against Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro
Tommaso Ciampa defeated Ridge Holland (with Pete Dunne, Oney
Lorcan & Dannuy Burch)

Ciampa pinned Holland clean after a Willow's Bell.

Quickly into the match, the fight spills outside the ring.
They fight at ringside, and Ciampa has taken charge.
Distraction by Lorcan & Burch, which allows Holland to hit
Ciampa with a Monty Brown Pounce ... Period.

The match goes through a picture-in-picture commercial
break, and Ciampa is worked over. They trade strikes as the
show returns from the break. Ciampa remains in peril as
Holland delivers more punishment.

Comeback by Ciampa with a series of lariats. Ax bomber by
Ciampa for a near fall. Holland answered back with an
Alabama Slam. The referee steps in to check on Ciampa, but
the match continues. Two count as Ciampa kicked out.

Slugfest as they trade strikes. Ciampa fires up on Holland,
leading to a near fall. The fight spilled outside again.
Ciampa is dropped with a headbutt. Holland sends Ciampa into
the barricade using a running powerslam similar to an
Oklahoma Stampede. Holland missed a follow up charge into
the barricade.

Holland went to powerslam Ciampa off the apron, but Ciampa
fought free to counter him. Ciampa caught Holland with a
Willow's Bell, and he covered him for a clean pinfall.

Dunne attacked Ciampa after the match. Lorcan and Burch held
Ciampa for Dunne. MSK enter the scene to make a save. They
brawl with Lorcan and Burch.

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