NXT ON USA: Alleged NXT reject spy who was banned from AEW back under WWE deal

Posted on 10/20/120 by Colin Vassallo

A few months ago, Chris Jericho complained that an NXT
reject was responsible for leaking Dynamite spoilers online
and after this person was caught, he was no longer welcomed
in the promotion after just one match on Dark.

We know who the spy is by the way, oh we know, and hell
never be back in f*ckin AEW. NXT reject was the spy, so
print that, Jericho wrote at the time after this person
spoiled Eric Bischoff as the moderator in the debate between
Jericho and Orange Cassidy.

That alleged spy is believed to be Tino Sabbatelli, who
according to PWInsider.com, has signed a new WWE deal after
he was let go in April due to coronavirus cost-cutting

His name was never 100% confirmed as the leaker, but of all
the former NXT stars who did wrestle on Dark, hes the only
one who did one match and was let go, leading to a process
of elimination by the wrestling media to see who was the

The 37-year-old former NFL player joined WWE in 2014 and was
part of the Breaking Ground NXT series on the WWE Network.
While he was part of the NXT live event tours, he wasnt
featured much on NXT television. Sabbatello was released on
April 17.

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