NXT: NXTs Jordan Myles in public war with WWE over offensive t-shirt design

Posted on 10/28/119 by Colin Vassallo

NXTs Jordan Myles has entered into a very public heated
argument with his employer over a t-shirt that was put on
sale that he deemed to be insensitive.

The t-shirt in question had his name resembling in the shape
of white teeth surrounded by lips on a black shirt that
might depict blackface. The Gucci company recently released
a balaclava jumper that was similar in style and was pulled
by the company after backlash from customers.

Despite the shirt being removed from WWEShop.com, Myles
vented his frustration on Twitter, saying that hes not
sorry for anything he will say or do as representation is
important. If this is @VinceMcMahon & @TripleH vision of
me then this is a slap in the face to EVERY African American
performer, fan, and supporter.

WWE issued a statement after Myles, real name Albert Hardie
Jr., went public with the story. The statement read, Albert
Hardie Jr. (aka Jordan Myles) approved this t-shirt for
sale. As always, we work collaboratively with all of our
performers to develop logos and merchandise designs and get
their input and approval before proceeding. This was the
same process with Albert, and we responded swiftly once he
later requested that the logo/t-shirt be redesigned. No t-
shirts were sold.

The statement from WWE did not sit down with Myles, saying
that he had only approved the design which was on a white
background and you could only see the racist intentions if
put on a black shirt. Myles then published an e-mail,
complete with the address of Creative Services Talent
Coordinator Landon Baker, where it says that Triple H
attended a creative meeting and wanted to the letter to be
more teethy,' attaching the revised design.

In another tweet after publishing the e-mail, Myles then
went off calling the whole WWE system a fraud. They created
this system where you cant trust anyone, go grow cold, and
you grow apart from what you love the most, he said.

He also lambasted WWE for still employing Hulk Hogan. The
fact that Hulk Hogan is still employed after giving the
locker room an apology for being caught says enough, he

Myles, who wrestled on the indie circuit as ACH, signed a
WWE deal in February of this year and recently won the NXT
Breakout tournament where he later faced Adam Cole for the
NXT title.

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