NXT Defeats AEW In Viewership For A Second Straight Week

– Due to the holiday, it took longer than usual for fans to find out who won the Wednesday Night War between AEW and NXT last week, but the numbers are in and for the second straight week, NXT took the night.

Showbuzzdaily reports AEW drew 663,000 viewers, well down from the 893,000 viewers the show drew the week prior and a new lower in total viewers for the show. Meanwhile, NXT drew 810,000 viewers, down from the 916,000 viewers from the prior week, but still plenty more than AEW to win the night.

AEW did win the 18 to 49 demographic with a 0.26 rating, but it was closer than it has been, with NXT drawing a 0.24 rating in the same demographic. AEW’s 0.26 was a low for the series so far. AEW finished 15th among cable originals while NXT finished 19th. AEW once again won all the demographic categories except for 50 . NXT drew a 0.40 rating in 50 demographic while AEW drew a 0.25 rating in the demographic.

NXT has now won two straight weeks after losing the first eight weeks in the viewership department. AEW has won every single week in the 18-49 demographic.

Heres an overall look at viewership for AEW Dynamite on TNT and NXT on USA Network viewership:

October 2nd: AEW 0.68 (1.409 million viewers), NXT 0.32 (891,000 viewers)
October 9th: AEW 0.46 (1.018 million viewers), NXT 0.22 (790,000 viewers)
October 16th: AEW 0.44 (1.014 million viewers), NXT 0.20 (712,000 viewers)
October 23rd: AEW 0.45 (963,000 viewers), NXT 0.21 (698,000 viewers)
October 30th: AEW 0.33 (759,000 viewers), NXT 0.18 (580,000 viewers)
November 6th: AEW 0.35 (822,000 viewers), NXT 0.30 (813,000 viewers)
November 13th: AEW 0.43 (957,000 viewers), NXT 0.25 (750,000 viewers)
November 20th: AEW 0.39 (893,000 viewers), NXT 0.30 (916,000 viewers)
November 27th: AEW 0.26 (663,000 viewers), NXT 0.24 (818,000 viewers)

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