Note On Rumored Backstage Heat Between Seth Rollins 038 Matt Riddle

Fightful Select has more details on the rumors surrounding past backstage heat between current WWE superstars Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.

The basis for the rumors was Riddle’s wife previously making body shaming comments directed towards Becky Lynch in a now-deleted Instagram post, which then led to Rollins saying on the WWE Draft special that he had no desire to work with Riddle.

According to Fightful, numerous people within the company who were backstage at Survivor Series suggested that Rollins and Riddle have moved past the issues between them.

The site notes that while Rollins didn’t look at Riddle during the Survivor Series match, the two have discussed the issues backstage and are open to working with each other in the future.

Additionally, Fightful reports that sources stated that Riddle apologized to Rollins for his wife’s comments toward Lynch.

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