Nikki Bella Says Her Cancelled Wedding With John Cena Wouldn8217t Be Filmed

In an interview with People Now, Nikki Bella said that if she and John Cena ever got back together, their wedding would not be filmed. Here are highlights:

On the possible wedding: It wont be filmed. I think thats one thing Im not going to do. Im not going to film and I want to keep it intimate. Just for us and our family and our best friends.

On getting back together: “I told him to make a list and I have to make a list about what makes us so happy for the rest of our lives and what are the things we want. I dont want him to ever live in regret. Its not a decision you can make super quick. You really got to take time by yourself.

She later spoke with Build Series NYC and said she was ready to be a mother.

She added: “Birdie definitely gave me a lot of baby fever. I was willing to sacrifice kids and then this cute little girl came into the world and then done. How she would look at me and snuggle and it was my first experience of unconditional love and I was like, Ok, I have to have this. Then when I saw Brie go through labor and try to balance a career was the best form of birth control and I was like, I dont know if I want this. I think Im ok. If I save my money up for a night nurse and a nanny I think Ill be ok; but, Birdie even just looking at her this morning, Im like, Ok its so worth it and I get it. So thank you Birdie for putting me in the situation I am right now.

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