Nick Hogan Says He Won8217t Rule Out Stepping In the Ring

Hulk Hogan’s son Nick is busy with other ventures, but he’s not necessarily opposed to following his dad with a run in the ring. Nick spoke with Lucha Libre online and was asked about the possibility of a wrestling run, and he said he wouldn’t rule it out.

You know, I never rule it out,” he answered (per Fightful and Luis Pulido). “I think about it all the time and I never rule it out. There’s always a couple times a year where I take a break from the music schedule and I really think about how I want to carve some time over here (FSW in Las Vegas). Last year, actually, I made some plans to go and start getting in the ring to bounce around again because its been a couple of years. Right when I was going there, I dislocated my shoulder again and it put me out and, as soon as it healed, the music schedule picked up again and I did not make it over there. My shoulder is healed, but its a chronic dislocation and it gets affected real easy, so it needs an in-depth surgery to fix. It feels good right now and I have been thinking about going back there in FSW to get back in the ring and just get a little try-out to see whats left, you know?

Hogan is most famous to wrestling fans for his legal issues, as he served eight months in prison for reckless driving and more due to the car crash in 2007 that left John Graziano with a severe brain injury and needing nursing care for what is expected to be the rest of his life. A lawsuit between the Graziano family and the Hogans was settled in 2010.

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