Nick Dinsmore Of If The Eugene Character Could Work Today

Nick Dinsmore On Who Got The Eugene Character On TV

During an appearance on It’s My Wrestling Podcast, Nick Dinsmore spoke on how Steve Austin was ultimately the person who convinced Vince McMahon to put him on TV. Here’s what he had to say:

It was my idea but I do think Vince McMahon did enjoy it, he found it funny. Rip Rogers was one of my trainers. Rips son has autism so he came to me one day and says what about a character that maybe cant tie his shoes or cant put a square peg in a square hole, isnt very social, but when he gets in the ring he can do wrestling flawlessly. At that time Ive been wrestling for eight years, I could do an hour draw with no sweat. I was pretty proficient and I was confident in my skills. He gave me this idea and I kind of mulled over it, couple months go by, the agents come down, Arn Anderson, Fit Finlay, Dean Malenko, I pitched this character to them, they said no, they think wrestling is kind of going beyond that, those types of characters.

Okay, couple more months go by the writers come down. Oh no, Vince wouldnt like that he wouldnt do anything like that. Okay, couple more months go by, now Id seen guys that would start complaining and all sudden they get on TV. So I told them, I said I think Im going to quit and try to go to Japan, but that was just a bluff, I didnt know anybody in Japan, I didnt know how to get there I was living at home, I was top of the OVW I mean I was in Main Event matches, heavyweight champion getting paid, working four days a week. It was pretty good job so I wasnt gonna quit but I just want to kind of rattle the cage and see what happened. Dean Malenko tells Johnny ace, Johnny tells Vince, next day Im sitting in a meeting with Vince McMahon and Stephanie was there. Vince goes, I want to get back to character based wrestling, and I just pitched out that idea for a character that I hadnt thought about in months. Well, suddenly, Steve Austin walks in, it was February 2004 Austin came back for a spot for something on TV. Austin walks in, Vince asks Steve do you know this guy, Austin looked at me goes no, I dont think so. Danny Davis trained me, Danny Davis and Steve Austin became friends when they both wrestled in Dallas. Steve says well it looks to me like hes probably one of the best, and it was like that vote of confidence that Vince goes okay, lets do it.

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Credit: It’s My Wrestling Podcast. H/T 411Mania.

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