News On Social Media Rumors Regarding Nia Jax Walking Out of WWE

There are social media rumors going around that Nia Jax has walked out of WWE, though they are just rumors for now. If true, she would join Neville, who is believed to be 100% gone from the company. Twitter user Pro Wrestling Votes (who was one of the first to post about Neville’s departure) now suggested that Nia Jax is the latest to go. He later said that he couldn’t confirm it. He wrote:

While it’s best to take this as just a rumor for now, it’s possible the leak came from within the company. As we previously reported, the Reddit user FalconArrow was revealed to be former WWE employee James McKenna, and he leaked a variety of stories including Samoa Joe’s debut, Jason Jordan being Kurt Angle’s son and more. Reddit user MetsFan4Ever also spoiled several big WWE storylines. It’s generally believed that there are people within WWE who are leaking things on social media.

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