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Doudrop On Vince McMahon: “I Love Him, He’s Such A Boss”

WWE star Doudrop recently spoke with Fightful to discuss all things pro-wrestling, which includes her thoughts on working with Eva Maria and how she’s really enjoyed interacting with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says her interactions with Vince McMahon have been great:

Its been so cool. I love him. No, I think hes such a boss. Weve had little interactions and stuff, and the first time I met him he was like, Oh, lovely to meet you. Were gonna have a lot of fun with your character. I was like, Oh, I consider myself a professional play fighter, so Im all about fun. He was like, Oh, this kid.

Says working with Eva Marie has been fun:

Its actually been really fun. Shes super high maintenance and Im a super low maintenance sort of girl. But they always say opposites attract, right? I really think shes been excellent for me. Because coming from NXT UK, I missed out on NXT where I wouldve learned a lot of things, I would have picked up a lot of things, and just gotten used to the American environment, bigger crowds. So, for me, this is like being thrown in the deep end and she is the life raft I needed to get a bit more comfortable.

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