New Report Says Neville Asked For Release, But Didnt Walk Out at Raw Because He Wasnt There

– According to, here is the latest on the Neville/WWE story, which contradicts the original report and update from this morning

* The reports of Neville walking out on Raw are said to be incorrect. PWinsider claims that Neville was not on the road this past weekend as he did not work any of the live events and was not backstage during Raw this past Monday. Mustafa Ali worked the Raw house shows, wrestling Enzo Amore, replacing Neville, who was originally slated for those shows.

* The original plan for Raw was Neville vs. Enzo Amore, but that was changed over the course of the day when someone voiced that Neville couldn’t get a title shot due to the current storyline. There was talk of the match being made non-title, but then it was revealed that Neville wouldnt be there so the change to Kalisto was made. This was to tie him to the legacy of Eddie Guerrero, as it was Guerrero’s birthday and he legitimately helped inspire Kalisto to get into professional wrestling.

* The sites ays two sources said that Neville has pushed for a release with the idea of leaving the company and building his name outside of it, similar to what Drew McIntyre did prior to his return to NXT. One source claimed a point of frustration was being left off of the WrestleMania 33 DVD, which meant no royalties from what is traditionally the biggest selling WWE DVD of the year.

* Neville is still under contract to the company and has not been released. There is a chance the sides could reconcile; there are no plans to use his moving forward.

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