New Jack Denies Disowning His Son Over Being a Drag Queen Following Vice Profile

New Jack has denied that he’s disowned his son because she’s a drag queen after Vice did a profile on their relationship. Washington Heights was profiled for a piece in Vice discussing her relationship with her father after she posted a tweet at the end of August alleging that New Jack “cut me out of his life 3 years ago because he didnt want his fans to know Im a drag queen, and he didnt want Wikipedia posting anything about me.”

Heights, who uses she/her pronouns when in drag, said that she has not had any meaningful contact with her father since he removed her as a Facebook friend in April of 2018, stating, His excuse was that, Wikipedia wants to update my page I dont want them to put anything about you doing drag on there. Wikipedia does not, of course, do their own updates to people’s pages.

Heights went public with the fact that she was cut off after Facebook showed her a memory of a comment he made in August of 2017. She believes he removed her as a Facebook friend because fans asked about Height’s drag career, and believes he was “caught off guard.” She noted, I dont want to think he was ashamed of me. I think it was more of, he didnt know how to damage control with his fans. He didnt have a proper answer for his fans, so his best way of handling it was to move on from it.

Jack emailed a statement to Vice which read:

My son was mentioned in my book that just came out last year, so the statement about me disowning him three years ago is simply not true. I’ve heard there was a mention on his Twitter feed that he was upset because he was only mentioned once in a chapter that was half-a-page long. I spoke briefly about him and four of my other children, he was actually one of my kids that was mentioned by name. I also mentioned the fact that I keep any information about all of my kids private, because that has nothing to do with wrestling and is my own personal business, that I prefer to keep private.

Heights noted that she wanted to know whthe reason he stopped talking to me. Was he embarrassed? Was he ashamed? Did he just not know what to say?

She also commented on a Facebook video that he posted in September when he seemingly alluded to her, saying to fans, Theres a lot of shit going on right now I would just like to say to you, little f***ot motherf**ker…you know who you are and youre not my son.

Heights said, part of me is hurt by his comments, but at the same time, this doesnt surprise me. She added: I wanted this to be an opportunity for us to settle things and talk them out, but after what he said I can tell that just wont happen. As I said earlier, I wanted some kind of response or reaction from him. Was it the best response? No. Do I finally have my answer as to where he stands with our relationship? Yes.

She added that there’s a lot of similarity between drag shows and wrestling, noting, When I was younger, I went to one of his shows. I was fascinated by the entrance music, the costumes, the flashiness, the big personalities, the fireworks. Thats pretty much everything that Im doing except drag queens dont slam each other on the floor and attack each other.

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