New Day Contemplate Leaving WWE After What Happened To Kofi Kingston On Smackdown spoke with The New Day following last night’s episode of Smackdown, which saw Kofi Kingston lose his chance to wrestle for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. Kingston initially won the gauntlet match that Vince McMahon put him in, but Daniel Bryan was added at the last minute and Bryan defeated Kingston.

Xavier Woods said: “Honestly, I’m not even surprised. I’m not even surprised. Of course Vince brought somebody else to fight you, because there was never any chance for you to actually win.

Big E then questioned what more the group have to do to get Kofi his title match. Xavier then suggests that they should quit and Big E agrees, but Kofi then disagrees. He said if they quit, then Vince and Daniel Bryan win. Check out the segment below for a pretty good promo from all three members.

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