Natalya Says Paige Hasnt Discussed Her Injury Backstage

– Natalya spoke with Sporting News for a new interview and said that Paige has not yet talked with anyone about her injury status.

“I don’t know the particulars of exactly what happened with Paige,” Natalya told the site, “I just know that she hasn’t spoken about it yet and WWE hasn’t released a statement so everything from this point, as we know it, is just waiting to see and time will tell…I would just wait to see what happens with Paige and wait for more from WWE to make an official announcement. What we do is physical and Paige is one of the most talented female superstars I’ve ever been in the ring with. So, I have nothing but respect for her.”\

Paige’s in-ring career with WWE is reportedly over following two reports over the last week. WWE has not confirmed those reports though, and Paige has not made an announcement regarding the situation. She was pulled from the Royal Rumble last Monday on Raw.

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