Mustafa Ali Cuts Emotion Promo on Losing Elimination Chamber Spot

– Mustafa Ali shared a video on his Twitter page, where he cuts a promo about losing his spot at Elimination Chamber match to fight for the WWE World title. After Mustafa Ali suffered a concussion injury, Kofi Kingston ended up as his last-minute replacement. Ali says an opportunity has been pried out of his hands. You can check out Ali’s emotional promo video below.

– During today’s WWE Now live stream ahead of Elimination Chamber, The Riott Squad made an appearance, and the group was not happy about being underestimated for their matches tonight. They took their anger out on the WWE Now set. You can see a photo of the aftermath below.

– WWE has a new fan poll up asking if Daniel Bryan will out of tonight’s Elimination Chamber match as WWE World champion. 55 percent of fans voted “No chance.” The other 45 percent voted, “Yes, the reign of the Planet’s Champion will carry on.”

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