Morning Report: WWE’s Daniel Bryan thinks he might be able to beat Mike Jackson in UFC

On Saturday night at UFC 225, the CM Punk experiment in the UFC most likely came to an end when Punk fell to 0-2 in his professional fighting career, losing a one-sided decision to Mike Jackson. Afterwards, UFC President Dana White was furious with Jackson for not taking the fight seriously and said he wouldnt even give Jackson a shot in the Contender Series going forward, much less a chance in the UFC. But maybe Whites tune could change though now that another WWE superstar is showing interest in fighting Jackson.

Professional wrestler Daniel Bryan made a brief appearance on his wife Brie Bellas recent Instagram Live post, saying that he could definitely out-grapple Jackson.

Did they just ask me if I could beat Mike Jackson in a fight?, Bryan said. I could beat him on the ground, for sure, I think. If the WWE would let me fight in the UFC, maybe [I would prove it].

Never one to take things lying down, Jackson quickly responded to Bryan, telling FanSided that he was surprised by Bryans call out but hes more than willing to oblige and beat up another WWE superstar.

A friend of mine, who is a journalist reached out and said, Yo, did you hear Daniel Bryan called you out? Jackson said. I was like, What are you talking about? He sends it to me and I remember seeing that headline. I was like, Yo, this is getting out of control now.

He says, Man, I can beat him on the ground in a UFC fight. Look Daniel Bryan; I will do you worse than I did your man Punk because I will have no reservations in punching this guy in the face 100-percent. And at will. . .

If Daniel Bryan wants the smoke, just call me the chimney man because Ive got the smoke.

Jackson also took to social media to respond to Bryan, warning him not to bite off more than he can chew.

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