Morning Report: T.J. Dillashaw says fight with Urijah Faber would be the 'easiest payday ever'

When T.J. Dillashaw knocked out Cody Garbrandt at UFC 217, not only did he regain the UFC bantamweight title, he may also have regained one of the lost money fights of his career.

Dillashaws former teammate, UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber, is one of the most popular fighters in history and a pioneer of the sub-155 pound weight classes in the sport. When Faber and Dillashaw had their very public falling out a few years ago, it was assumed that eventually the two would come to blows in the cage in a marquee matchup. Then, Faber retired from the sport and his newest protege, Garbrandt, became champion and fans had to settle for that feud instead. But Garbrandts loss has Faber hinting at coming out of retirement for a Dillashaw fight, and though the new 135-pound champ seems to find the idea ridiculous, hes also not against it at all.

Speaking recently to BJ Penn Radio, Dillashaw called Faber the easiest payday ever and suggested that it would be crazy for Faber to get a title shot now but that it would be great for him if Faber did.

Thats hilarious man. It sounds like the easiest payday ever. I mean its just comical. I mean, come out of retirement, get a title shot off of what, losing to Jimmy Rivera and looking like crap in his fights? I mean its hilarious. But, like I said, itd be an easy payday, so I guess I shouldnt be laughing at it. I should be pumping him up.

Faber is the former WEC featherweight champion and challenged for four separate belts over his UFC career, coming up short in each attempt. His latest title shot came in a trilogy fight against Cruz last June. After that he dropped a decision to Jimmie Rivera before retiring last December with a unanimous decision win over Brad Pickett. Meanwhile, Dillashaw has been campaigning for his own title shot against flyweight kingpin Demetrious Johnson.


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Excellent back and forth here. Seems like this is the fight thats gonna happen.

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