Morning Report: Dana White, Brendan Schaub get in heated exchange on Israel Adesanya’s Instagram post

Its been a hot minute since Dana White had beef with someone (unless you count throwing his presumptive number one featherweight contender under the bus) so it was only a matter of time before something boiled over, and yesterday the UFC President reopen an old can of worms with former fighter Brendan Schaub.

Since retiring from fighting in 2014, Schaub has gone on to have a successful career as an MMA and boxing analyst and entertainer. Recently on his podcast, Schaub was discussing UFC 226, former K-1 and Glory kickboxing champion Gokhan Sakis KO loss, saying that fans expect top of the food chain strikers to still be good coming into MMA but that it doesnt work out like that for any of them. Naturally, Israel Adesanya - himself a world-class kickboxer who also happened to put together a masterful performance in outclassing Brad Tavares only the night before UFC 226 - took umbrage with this idea, posting a clip of Schaub to Instagram with some improvements that mocked Schaub.

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