More On Original Plan For Shane McMahon At Wrestlemania SPOILERS

As we previously reported it was rumored that Shane McMahon would be facing Dolph Ziggler at Wrestlemania, even though the two had no interaction on WWE TV. Now Brad Shepard of, who broke the original story, now confirmed that the match is no longer happening. Shepard claims that the idea was that it would finally give Ziggler a singles match at Wrestlemania. The WWE was so sure on the plan at the time that they made an on-screen graphic.

As noted, McMahon and Ziggler have not had any interaction on WWE TV, and Shane has been feuding with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn since last year. The original plan for Owens and Zayn was rumored to be the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but at this time they’re booked in a singles match. With only a few weeks until Wrestlemania, if the match was going to happen the build likely would have started by now.

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