More on Mysterio Being in Talks With WWE Despite Aro Lucha Deal

– Another report has confirmed that Rey Mysterio is still in discussions with WWE despite his deal with Aro Lucha. Aro Lucha announced on Saturday that Mysterio has joined the company as a performer and co-owner, but a report yesterday noted that the WWE alumnus is still in active negotiations for a return to the company.

Now PWInsider has corroborated that report, saying that according to “multiple sources” WWE is still moving ahead with negotiations to bring Mysterio back. Aro Lucha is offering fans a crowd-funded way to buy into the proimotion and that Mysterio’s co-ownership looks to be a marketing move to entice fans to invest in the company the way he “has.”

Mysterio had been rumored as a potential opponent for John Cena at WrestleMania, though Cena is still scheduled to face Undertaker at the PPV.

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