More Details on CM Punk Returning to Ring at Indy Show

– CM Punk became the subject of speculation when a masked man hit the ring at an indy show last night, and apparently it really was him. Wrestling Inc says that they can confirm it was Punk who appeared in a mask at MKE Wrestling’s “The Last Knight” event to help Ace Steel beat Daryck St. Holmes with a GTS.

According to the site, there was originally a plan to take the mask off and reveal himself after hitting St. Holmes with his finisher, but that of course didn’t end up happening. Punk waited in his car outside the arena before he came in for the appearance, and then left immediately after.

The site also ntoes that Punk was wearing the same hoodie he wore at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament earlier in the day. MLB Network reporter Jon Alba shared a side-by-side picture of Punk at the BJJ show and the masked man that you can see below:

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