More Details On Backstage Reaction In WWE To Retribution Storyline

As previously reported, there have been rumors surrounding the backstage reaction to WWE regarding the Retribution storyline. Fightful Select has more details on the backstage frustrations with the faction.

One wrestler on the RAW women’s roster reportedly told Fightful about feeling bad for talents like Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez because they have the challenge to not make the Retribution angle “look as dumb as it is.”

Fightful also notes that a Smackdown talent mentioned that the brand was never told why Retribution became a RAW-only storyline, with the talent speculating that it had to do with RAW being a longer show. According to Fightful, other talents within the company admit that the whole storyline felt thrown together quickly without anyone being informed of the long-term plans for the group.

And, in what should be no surprise given the reaction to Monday’s edition of RAW, Fightful reports that every WWE talent it has spoke with has brought up the ridiculousness of the names given to Retribution members, with a top wrestler within the company saying that “it sounds like something out of a bad movie or game, but I’m not sure Vince plays games or watches movies anymore.”

Of course, SLAPJACK, T-BAR, and MACE were the three new names given to members of Retribution on RAW.

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