More Details On AEWTNT Deal, Including Who Will Pay Production, How Ad Revenue Will Be Handled, More

It was announced earlier today that All Elite Wrestling has agreed to a deal with WarnerMedia which will see AEW air on TNT this fall. Now The Wrap’s Tony Maglio and TSN’s John McMullen have reported more details on the situation on Twitter. Maglio spoke with us last month about the ongoing talks with AEW and Turner and at the time suggested that AEW may have to pay for TV time, although there were conflicting reports on that, with Dave Meltzer saying at the time that that was false.

In his posts on Twitter, Maglio now said that he’s not sure if they are paying for the time slot of not, but he never thought it was a “time buy”, similar to infomercials. Instead, he believes that AEW is receiving no rights fees. Meanwhile, according to Maglio, when talking with other sports leagues, Turner offered a deal that said they would pay production costs and then split ad revenue with the company. He said it was likely that AEW got a deal along those lines.

McMullen, meanwhile, was more confident with his report, confirming that there are no rights fees and that since AEW is being treated as a sports property, there are production fees and a “great” advertising split. He added that this is huge for a company that is just starting out.

You can listen to our podcast with Tony from last month below.

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