More Backstage Details on Jeff Hardy Following Last Night8217s Bum

As previously reported, Jeff Hardy took part in a rather scary bump last night on Raw, when he hit a Swanton Bomb on Elias through a ringside table from the top turnbuckle. It appeared that the back of his head landed or bounced off the steel ring steps. An early report by Fightful Select indicated that Hardy appeared to be OK following the spot. PWInsider weighed in with some additional details.

According to PWInsider’s update, Hardy was checked out after the match by WWE’s medical team and appeared to be injury free. Additionally, Hardy will be continually monitored for a while.

It should be noted, according to, sometimes symptoms for a concussion may not show up for days or weeks after the concussion takes place. There is a full video clip of the spot in question, which you can see below.

After the match, Jeff Hardy took part in a backstage interview and was well enough to talk about the match. Hardy stated on the Swanton spot, “That Swanton was no joke at the end. I went up straight up in the air, crashed straight down, and so, but I’m okay, though. It looked a lot worse than it actually felt.”

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