More Backstage Details on 8216LastMinute8217 Rewrites for Raw

As previously reported, it was rumored by WrestleVotes that a majority of the talent on last night’s episode of Raw didn’t know what they were doing until after 5:00 pm EST. Some more details on what took place backstage were reported on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

According to Dave Meltzer, the Raw creative team didn’t have anything “final” ready two o’clock in the afternoon yesterday (Sept. 28). Also, Meltzer described last night’s show as a “last-minute rewrite.”

It should be noted that it’s been reported that the Retribution stable is reportedly in quarantine at the moment after coming into contact with someone who has the coronavirus. All five members are said to have tested negative for the virus, but they are remaining in quarantine as a precautionary measure. That is likely why they did not appear on last night’s Raw. Additionally, Raw Underground was completely absent from last night’s show.

There was a vignette on Retribution last night, and the WWE Twitter account did post a tweet on them. Group leader T-Bar also added on Twitter, “We are everywhere. We are everything. We are everyone. And we will destroy you @WWE. We are #RETRIBUTION.”

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