MLW CEO Court Bauer Says He Will Wait Until It8217s Safe to Return Before Resuming MLW Shows

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, MLW CEO Court Bauer reiterated that he won’t be resuming MLW shows until he is sure it’s safe to return. Highlights from the interview are below.

On wanting to wait until it’s safe to return: I will wait until we are sure its safe to return. Were doing that for our fans, our athletes, and our crew, and all of their families. We do not want to put anyone at harm. Well see what the NBA looks like once they go live with their season, and were seeing what is happening with WWE. This [battle with COVID] is far from the rearview mirror. Our decision to proceed will be dictated by science and experts in the medical world. Until we know its safe, were going to be as judicious as possible.

On using older footage and Pulp Fusion as tools to keep fans engaged: We started to look at our business and our creative. We knew there was an interest in our older footage from 2002 to 2004, and that is part of the Anthology Series. Ive also been able to work with our young talent and coach them virtually in promos for Pulp Fusion, and thats been a fun opportunity for fans to remain engaged in our product.

On MLW talent working elsewhere during the pandemic: Tom [Lawlor] had a talk with New Japan and they explained the process of sterilizing the rings and testing, and I left it up to Tom whether he wanted to pursue this. There was no pressure, and we let him know that. A lot of our talent have been performing elsewhere during this pandemic. I always caution them to take all the safety measures possible for themselves and their families.

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