MJF Feuds With Cutler Over DD, Joe Mangianello and Matt Mercer Respond

– MJF and Brandon Cutler’s feud leading into their match at AEW’s upcoming debut on TNT has taken a turn into the D&D community. The two, who are set to face off on the upcoming episode, had a quick back and forth after MJF posted a bodybuilding pic on Twitter saying, “I don’t play D&D.”

Cutler is an avowed D&D fan and has even cosplayed as Grog, the PC played Travis Willingham in the first campaign of Critical Role. He posted to Twitter as you can see stating, “I do play Dungeons and Dragons,” which wasn’t the only response. As you can see below, Ethan Page chimed in. And Matt Mercer, the DM of Critical Role, shared his own thoughts along with actors and D&D enthusiasts Joe Mangianello and Clare Grant:

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