Miro On Why He8217s Not Bitter About Time in WWE, Says 8216The Chains Are Off8217 In AEW

Miro spoke about his jump to WWE, his reaction to his WWE run, and more during a new interview with Sports Illustrated. Highlights are below:

On growing up as a wrestling fan: When I was a kid, I watched Hulk Hogan on television and told myself, One day, Im going to go to America and become a professional wrestler.’ That stuck in my mind throughout my entire childhood. Thats why I learned English. America was my top priority, and wrestling was in my heart.

On not being bitter about his WWE experience: People ask me why Im not bitter. WWE gave me a platform. I have the best fan base in the world. And that is where I met my wife. I love her to death. If nothing else came of it, I met my wife. So I cant be bitter. There is no point to that.

On his goals in AEW: I came to America for an opportunity, the kind I wasnt given in my country. Thats all I want in AEW. That opportunity. I love professional wrestling, and it has so much left to offer me. As soon as I got that call [from WWE], I immediately knew I wanted to go two places. The first one, Im already here. The second, youll find out when the time is right.

On his ‘Best Man’ persona in AEW: Its not a gimmick. I am the best. I am the best all-around player in professional wrestling. And people remember WrestleMania 31, the greatest entrance of any entrance, until you see how I top that in AEW.

On his mindset going into AEW: Everything in my life has led me to this moment. The chains are off. There isnt anyone yelling at me, saying, Dont do this. Dont sell shirts. Dont smile. Dont wave to people. All the doors that were closed are now open. My fan base knows Im good. Theyve seen me perform at the highest level. And thats why I am where I am, my fan base. There would never have been a Rusev Day or Miro in AEW without the fans. Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my dream, and Im going to take the fans with me when I do it. AEW is beautiful. I can create something youve never seen before anywhere else in the world. Once I get the opportunity to debut, everyone will find out why the Best Man is All Elite.

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