Mickie James Has Several WWE Network Show Ideas, Talks Possible 205 LiveStyle Show For Women 038 Goals For Her Career

Mickie James has a lot of ideas for things she’d like to do with WWE, and those include ideas for WWE Network shows and her goals within the ring. James spoke with 411’s Russ Weakland and in part three of the interview, she discussed ideas she has for a show on the Network and what her goals are that she still wants to accomplish, whether things she would have to do again or first-time achievements:

Would you want to do a show on the WWE Network other than doing wrestling?

Yes, I have a bunch of different ideas for the WWE Network but it is hard to say what I would want to do as there are many ideas. But maybe a female perspective View like show, maybe that is not only wrestling but the fashion side of it and all the things it takes to be a female ion the company, what people don’t realize is that we spend so much money on our hair and makeup and costumes and jewelry and not that the men don’t. But all these little things to be a women in this industry to have a talk show perspective to a game show where families are doing wrestling trivia or whatever. Maybe the grand prize is to go to WrestleMania.

I feel like there is always cool and creative content and for me I look at all the specials that we are doing and I know that people want Evolution 2, but what I would really love is a female driven product, like a 205 Live for the women. Or something like that. Maybe a big PPV from that is Evolution. That is a huge dream, we’ll see. The Evolution PPV could be the annual build. So that could be the WrestleMania of sorts.

Outside looking in, your career looks to be complete in so many ways, what else do you still need to do again or for the first time?

Gosh there is so much. There is so much female talent, more so than we have ever had before and there are so many women that I want to have a real one on one competitive match and storyline with. It’s not about winning the championship for me because accolades mean so much, being the women’s champion not only is it saying you are the best in the world but you are representing the company, the brand and female wrestling and women in this industry and it is very empowering.

It is something I have been able to do in this last tenure that I have been back, it is something I have wanted to do since I have walked back in the door but I think as we move to the future, it is really about raising the bar for women’s wrestling and expectations for women’s wrestling has been raised and it drives us more that the fans have recognized and we want to be better and not just be a good girls match. We want to be the best match on the card. That is always my focus. I don’t want to have a good match for just the girls. I think that is a back handed compliment. I want to have the match of the night and I do that every single night and it is now at a level where the females. They are having the best match of the night and we are unapologetically doing that and that is an amazing place to be in right now.

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