Melissa Santos on How Husband Brian Cage Is Being Misused By AEW

Melissa Santos Shares Story Of First Meeting With Brian Cage, Talks Competing In Her First Bodybuilding Competition

Pro-wrestling personality and ring announcer Melissa Santos recently appeared on Insight With Chris Van Vilet to discuss the first time she met her husband, AEW star Brian Cage, and how she felt about competing in her first body building competition. Highlights from the interview are below.

Recalls first meeting Brian Cage:

I remember when I first met him it was really shocking. Him and John Morrison were probably the most shocking, they were the most like Wow, these guys are wrestlers, this is what a wrestler should look like. But yeah Brian John were surely the ones, and Brian just kept my attention. So yeah there is now a marriage, a baby and a move to Las Vegas later

Talks starting her OnlyFans page:

I wasnt expecting to make the announcement. I had some new management that was like Hey. We can do this and this for you, and we can organise you as this model. But we can also handle some stuff for you and put some content together for you for OnlyFans They just kept pushing and they work for influencers and stuff. Also they helped me out with partnerships outside of that so yeah, this is good, lets do this. I have a partnership that makes it better for the fans. I didnt want to do it on my own, I needed to get that push. Brian was like Babe do it! I want to see you out there being so hot! My husband just put me out there on a little pedestal.

How Cage feels about her OnlyFans account:

Yes he loves it, he approves some of the content. [Chris asks if he is taking the photos] In some cases, yes. Hes all like Oh my Gosh, this is perfect this is great. And I feel like because he is a man and men know what they want to see on Only Fans, hell approve the content, so here we are.

Competing in her first bodybuilding competition:

I just always loved fitness, I just never thought that I would do the bodybuilding. The diet is so restrictive, I mean so restrictive. You understand the disciplines that come with it if you lift weights, so you can transition a little bit easier to bodybuilding. I needed the structure, and I wanted to learn something new, so its very different. I learned what works and doesnt work for my body. Also, I learned about peak week, which is the week of the contest, and that was the worst. The water loading, the depletion, I was on zero carbs for 3 weeks too. I went from 137lbs to 112 lbs. Fats were every other day, so some days were just protein, it was horrible.

Full interview is below.

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