Melina Discusses The New Era of Womens Wrestling

– Melina recently spoke with, here are the highlights

On The State of Womens Wrestling Today: I think its amazing. Its incredible to see and it makes me so happy. Its so weird where I keep thinking of back in my time which wasnt really that long ago. I appreciated people in the past back in the 60s and everything. People talk about the womens revolution and Ill tell them that the womens revolution started in the beginning on womens wrestling. Women have been such a minority in wrestling, and its been a novelty. For a time, even though there were some serious wrestlers, it was still seen as a novelty back before me. And now, from my time, I felt like I was the only girl wrestling in my school. Maybe there would be another one who would come in every so often, but it was such a rare thing to see. So when I got into OVW, it was such a beautiful thing to have three girls! But now there are so many women, and its so amazing that women can go anywhere and have people to work with.

On Her Experience Breaking Into Wrestling: It wasnt the worst experience. I was very shy, very quiet and I could see how people would probably not want to hire me because Im not this larger than life person. But when the WWE gave me a contract it was such a blessing because they took a chance on me. And that opportunity gave me the courage and the ability to fulfil a dream. So in ways it was very great and a great experience but in other ways it was a transition, coming in when the top girls like Trish and Lita were coming out. So we were are a low and people didnt want to watch as they were heartbroken about their favorite girls leaving. So we were in a weird place at that time. I think that back then there wasnt a lot of hardcore womens wrestling we only had a limited time. But at the same time, people appreciated it in their own way. Even now we see the likes of Sasha Banks and Charlotte, and I still hear people complaining. So in my mind I think appreciate what youve got now, because when theyre gone and the new generation comes up, youre going to miss these girls.

Do you think thats something that has changed in modern wrestling, that theres less sexualisation of womens wrestling, or is it still prevalent?: I think there is sexualisation, but not just in wrestling, in all of media, theres always that element. I cant say that its not there anymore but thats kind of part of life, because we do that to men too! But theres more wrestling and more fighting out there, UFC and Boxing and everything. Women are stepping up and realizing Hey, Im more than just this. Im more than just an object, and a person who just puts on make-up and dresses up. Im more than this. And so now society is seeing this and embracing it. Now its being more accepted.

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