MEDIA: Vansville's Mike Micas has first match on WWE Monday

Posted on 5/08/119 by Mike Informer

May 7, 2019

Last night on WWE Raw, Evansville wrestler, Mike Micas, had
his first match on WWE television. However, he wasn't the
only Tri-Stater to be highlighted on the show. Mike Micas
(Micas Harris) has been a big name in local wrestling for
quite some time now. Last night, he had a six-man tag team
match on the USA Network against the Lucha House Party in
Cincinatti, Ohio.

Micas has appeared on WWE television a few times, but this
was the first time that he was able to show the world how
"Immaculate" he really is. While he did lose the match, it
was a huge step in the right direction.

I'm sure this is the first of many WWE Raw matches for Mike
Micas. Here's the cool thing...Micas wasn't the only
Evansville boy in that match. The referee for the match, Dan
Engler is also an Evansville native.

There was also another local wrestler that made an
appearance on Raw last night. Owensboro native, Eric Fagan
was also highlighted in the show. Although...his segment
looked a little more painful. You will see Fagan in the hot
dog hat get crushed by up and comer Lars Sullivan in the
video below.

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