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Posted on 11/10/119 by Mike Informer

Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) - Wrestling fans across the
Upstate have reported sightings of a famous face in downtown
Greenville. Former professional wrestling superstar, Austin
Idol, known around the world as The Universal Heartthrob,
calls Greenville home. He moved to Greenville in 2007 but
opted to keep a relatively low profile until now. Thats
because hes working on his new main event, the Austin Idol
Universal Wrestling College.

Idol tells FOX Carolina he wants to take what hes learned
over his years in professional wrestling and share his
passion. Through his one-of-a-kind wrestling college, he
says hell develop future superstars There are a ton of
future stars out there. Theyre out there and wrestling is
hot. The timing is perfect, says Idol.

He says the timing is perfect because a new league, called
All Elite Wrestling, and the recently revamped and re-
energized National Wrestling Alliance are growing the
business. Idols friend, Billy Corgan, of Smashing Pumpkins
owns the NWA which is producing NWA Power shows in

The energy, the sort of dynamism thats going on, this is
exactly what Ive been begging for literally for about 5
years, says Corgan.

Idol says whether a student in his wrestling college wants
to become a professional wrestler, a manager, a referee, a
ring announcer or a commentator, hell help develop that
talent. He says his coaching and his alliance with the NWA
creates the opportunity for a very prosperous tag team.

If someone comes in here and theyve got it, this can be a
springboard to the NWA, says Idol. Thats a big deal.
Thats a big deal for someone whos looking at this
thinking, Man I come here and Idol coaches me up, I may end
up with the NWA.

The arena facility on Poinsett Highway will hold live
wrestling events and serve as the training complex for
students of the Austin Idol Universal Wrestling College.
Tuition for a 12 week training, which includes 3 classes per
week, costs about $2500. College is open to anyone 18 and

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