McMahon Sees Orton as the Reigns of SD

– According to Sportskeeda’s Billi Bhatti, Randy Orton is currently seen by Vince McMahon as the “Roman Reigns of Smackdown.” A source in WWE told the site that McMahon sees both Orton and Reigns in the same light as his pet projects.

Reigns has been the man that WWE has been pushing for years of course, in order to make him the new flagship star of the company. McMahon reportedly shot down an idea for a heel turn a few weeks before WrestleMania, believing he can get over as a babyface, and considers those who dislike Reigns as a “vocal minority.” McMahon is also very high on Orton and, as noted yesterday, he is not expected to lose the WWE Championship anytime soon. McMahon made the decision to push Orton last August, which led to his winning the Royal Rumble and then the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

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