McMahon Furious Over NakamuraCena Botch

– While most people backstage saw Shinsuke Nakamura’s dropping John Cena on his head during last week’s Smackdown as a fluke, one important name didn’t. Sports Illustrated reports that Vince McMahon was livid over the incident, particularly since Cena is still considered the face of the company at this point.

The site notes that McMahon being “furious” was not an indictment of Nakamura, but rather a defense of Cena. The site says that McMahon has not lost faith in Nakamura despite his anger over the situation. However, if Nakamura makes another mistake like that in a major spotlighted moment, he will likely have a very different opinion of the Japanese star.

Cena himself wasn’t upset about the moment; Nakamura apologized, to which Cena said, “Don’t be sorry.”

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