Maverick On the Pressure of Working in NXT After His Release, Being Criticized Online Over It

Drake Maverick discussed the stress and pressure of working for WWE during that period after he was released in April but before he was resigned to NXT in a new interview with TalkSport. Highlights are below:

On the challenge of working in the tournament not knowing his fate: I never questioned creative and never questioned what was going on. The most nervous I was out of all of the matches was the Jake Atlas match because it was the first one. I was going into work thinking am I gonna get treated differently?, am I gonna have to talk to Hunter [Triple H] and have these weird talks where we sit down and its like a counselling session? There were real emotions there because it was actually my life I wasnt playing a character as I have done in the past. I literally sat there and thought Im gonna show the world James, and how I feel. Nobody else was in the same situation. It was a terrible situation we all went through, but nobody had the situation I had where they said We still want you to do these matches. I put my video out and that was how I was feeling at that moment. It was warts and all.

On people online claiming he manipulated his friends’ pain of their release for his own benefit: It made me sad some days. I had some bad mental health days because I was. you look on your Twitter feed people get this all the time. I get some very untoward things, like that I used some of my friends that I care very deeply about, and that I didnt think of them or care about them. Again no one else was in the same situation and every one of those people that I was accused of using were patting me on the back saying Go get it, man. Youre doing exactly what we would do if we were put in that situation. These are trying times, man. It sucks. Youve got to take care of your family and go balls to the wall with it. It was hard on the brain because Id never do anything like that, and be so malicious. There are some people out there who would, and thats where it hurt.

On the video he posted about his release: A lot of people who are real men will be like Ha, he cried! Yeah, I did, and Im not ashamed, because I care. I care deeply about this job and care deeply about the people I was working with. I just wanted in my life, for the first time, to be like Im not playing a character today this is James. Hes vulnerable now, but hes gonna pull through this. Thats how I lived it.

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