Matt Riddle Explains Why He Slammed Goldberg, Calls Him Unsafe

As previously reported, NXT Superstar Matt Riddle posted and then deleted a video on video where he trashed WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg and his performance against The Undertaker at last night’s Super ShowDown event. He later deleted the video and tweet. It appeared earlier today that Matt Riddle posted comments on why he came down hard on Bill Goldberg.

Matt Riddle wrote, “I love Pro Wrestling so much and that’s why I get mad at certain people because they’re unsafe, dangerous and a liability to everyone else, I’ve worked hard to get where I am and this is only the beginning! P.S. Undertaker is a stallion and is a true legend.”

Yesterday, Riddle stated on the former WWE Universal champion, Goldberg, Goldberg. You lived up to the hype once again. You are absolutely the worst wrestler in the business, bro. And thats not an opinion, thats a fact.

Goldberg wrote on his own Twitter after the match, “Knocked myself out and thought I could finish…. love my fans…..but let u down. Everyone else that found pleasure ….. hope ur happy.” You can check out Riddle’s latest tweet and the ones he left up on yesterday’s match below.

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