Matt Riddle Discusses Potential Match With Brock Lesnar, Parker Boudreaux As 8216The Next Big Thing8217

Matt Riddle was recently interviewed on ViBe & Wrestling, and he discussed a variety of topics, including a potential match with Brock Lesnar, and how incoming WWE recruit Parker Boudreaux compares to Lesnar.

When asked about a match with Lesnar, Riddle turned his attention to a clash with Boudreaux instead (via Fightful):

“It seems more realistic to get a match with Parker. Ive seen Parker, talked to Parker and the conversation went a lot better than it did with Brock. Parker is a young kid, he is hungry, he wants to sink his teeth into this, and he is making the right moves in the sense he is presenting himself to the world properly and he seems hungry, he seems that he is trying to learn as fast as he can so he can be a part of the show as soon as he can and if you are hungry and you can bring something different to the table you are going to be somebody in this sport.

Riddle also discussed whether he thinks Boudreaux could eventually capture the label that Lesnar did early in his WWE career:

“I think he brings all that so you never know, only time will tell, but right now I think that Parker guy, that Boudreaux guy I dont know if thats the name hes going to stick with or whatever because I think he called himself The Destroyer of Gods, I dont know if thats gonna make it and pass the writing team, you never know. The guy looks phenomenal he has a great presence and only time will tell but I think he is going to be The Next Big Thing.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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