Matt Mardy Meets MJF In Latest Being the Elite Reca

The latest edition of Being the Elite is online, with Matt Hardy meeting MJF, more shenanigans from the Dark Order and more. Here’s a recap:

* Nick Jackson tells The Elite that Chili’s wants them to sing the ‘baby back ribs’ song. Kenny Omega is surprised by the price, but figures out it was sent out a week ago and they only have an hour left to respond. He sends Brandon Cutler out to print the paperwork. Matt Jackson says they might be taking on too much, like when he tried to run a coffee restaurant. Everyone signs 57 minutes later, but after Matt takes his time to sign, he then blades and spills blood on the paper. This makes everyone else very unhappy.

* Frankie Kazarian asks Matt Hardy why he’s been talking so weird lately, and Matt says he’s ‘Broken’, before calling him ‘Fractured Frankie’. Matt says he can fix him.

* Colt Cabana tries to visit Kenny again, but Hangman Page pulls him aside and says Omega still wants to kill him. He then volunteers to do the bit with him instead. Colt says he’d rather do it with Omega but doesn’t want to die, so Omega tells him to find himself a nice casket.

* Matt Hardy is working with Private Party in the ring and after they screw up a move, he explains what a ‘botch’ is.

* Cutler and Omega talk about getting melatonin to help with sleep. Matt walks in and starts to leave after hearing the conversation. After they try to explain the health benefits, Matt says he’s not sure about putting those things in his body. When they press the issue, he again says he’s ‘Christian AF’ and kicks them out.

* The Dark Order find Kris Statlander laying on the ground and tease her. They try to recruit her even though she’s a ‘weirdo’, but she gives it to her action figure instead. She talks with the toy and calls the two ‘spooky perverts.’

* ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy meets MJF and Wardlow backstage. He compliments MJF’s clothes and said that while he has to deal with ‘internet nobodies’, they don’t make ‘narcissitic a-holes’ like they used to. MJF makes fun of Hardy’s nose, but Hardy says he has the money to fix it and they part ways.

* Santana and Ortiz define ‘Payne’, which is when someone is being a pain. Ortiz says Dasha has been a ‘payne’, and it cuts to Dasha throwing her flip flop after hearing it. Ortiz looks around nervously for her then says it again, only for the flip flop to hit him in the head.

* The Young Bucks are at ringside on AEW Dark to see if Cutler and Peter Avalon are a good team.

* Luchasaurus says he’s nervous about Jurassic Express’ match with the Bucks this week on Dynamite. His friend Panda sings ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and a training montage ensues. Luchasaurus tries a Canadian Destroyer but it’s not shown if he completes it or not.

* Finally, Silver and Reynolds apologize to Brodie Lee for not recruiting Page. To make up for it, they got Jungle Boy. But when the camera shows who it is, it’s actually Griff Garrison. Lee gets made and throws papers at Evil Uno.

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