Matt Hardy Wants The Usos To Stay On Smackdown

Matt Hardy posted a video to Youtube today where he commented on the Hardy Boyz winning the Smackdown tag team titles. He also said that he wants the Usos to stay on the Smackdown brand so that they can have more matches against each other.

He said: “On Tuesday, the Smackdown Live after Mania, we got our opportunity. We knew as soon as the Usos stepped into the ring, I mean they were oozing with super stardom. They were reeking of badassery, and they really are, they are an amazing, incredible tag team. Better than I even thought they were gonna be, and The Usos, I gotta tell you this: You get all the respect from Matt and Jeff. All the respect, take it all. You get it all. But promise me this, I hope that on RAW and SmackDown on Monday and Tuesday, I hope no ones drafted. I hope The Hardyz dont go to RAW. I hope The Usos dont go to RAW, because I hope we, Usos, can do this again and again and again and again and again. We want another match, and then a two out of three falls match and then a Iron Man match and then a cage match and then a ladder match and then a tables match and then a TLC match. Lets do it all. Lets run the gauntlet. Usos, respect.

There are rumors about a Smackdown tag team heading to RAW, so if you want to be spoiled, click the link to find out who.

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