MARTY JANNETTY: Marty Jannetty said he used a brick to kill a guy who tried to rape him in a car

Posted on 8/07/120 by Colin Vassallo

Marty Jannetty, who yesterday seemingly admitted to
murdering a male individual when he was 13 years old, was a
guest on Boston Wrestling Sports show and once again doubled
down on his story.

Jannetty, now 60 years old, said that the bowling alley
employee was a front desk clerk and sold weed. What I
didnt know was he lured in little kids, Jannetty told the

The former one-half of The Rockers said that when he tried
to buy some weed from the man, he took him around the
building and tried to rape him inside a car. But Jannetty
fought back and used a brick to kill him.

I cant say he deserved to diebut he deserved to get his
ass beat, Jannetty said. When I was beating him in the
head with a brick, I was only trying to beat his ass, I
wasnt trying to kill him.

Jannetty then added that he dragged the body to the river
and threw him in. He said that it affected him bad when he
found out on the news that the person was being reported

The former wrestler said it was all an act of self defense
as the older man tried to grab his genitals and then was
held by the hair when he tried to escape, so he resorted to
grabbing a brick and whack him.

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