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Mark Henry On The Owen Hart Tournament In AEW: “One Tournament Wouldn’t Have Been Enough, Owen Was A Special Guy”

WrestleZone recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator/interviewer Mark Henry about the upcoming Owen Hart Memorial tournament, with the World’s Strongest Man also discussing the late Hart’s incredible legacy left on the wrestling world. Highlights are below.

How one tournament would not have been enough to celebrate the legacy of Owen Hart:

“One tournament wouldnt have been enough. Owen was a special guy, he added a levity and education to pro wrestling and was a really good wrestler. Ive never heard anybody say anything bad about him. Never. He said, Mark, thats who you want to be.

Says he will always think about Owen anytime a prank is played:

You ever play a joke on one of your friends? That was an everyday thing for Owen. Every time that I hear somebody would get a joke played on them, I get to think about Owen. Its an Owen to me, to see someone get joked or get ribbed. Owen was never painful or hurtful, he just wanted everybody to get a good laugh and realize you gotta enjoy this. Theres only so much time in-between and you need to enjoy it. True wrestling fans love Owen because they smile and laugh when theyd hear his name and it wasnt laughing at him, but with him, and thats the important thing in our business, to latch on to people that care and have the same views as you. I think thats why the pro wrestling world is so connected together because we all know that were all fans at the end of the day.

On the relationship between Martha Hart and Tony Khan

This tournament is blessed by his wife, Martha, and his family. She did not want Owens name to be marred or to be minimalized just to make money. If theres money thats going to be raised for charitable things, it should go where the family deems it go. Im very happy that the family found Tony Khan and that Tony Khan found the Hart family because its near and dear to my heart and its an even bigger plus for me, joining the company and knowing that that was a possibility.

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